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    Need advice on Internet marketing for online jewelry store

    beedew Newbie

      I have created this website - for jewelry retail for a while. The biggest issue is that there's little to no traffic at all. I have tried SEO and now implement the blog section. If we want to use PPC, what are the places I choose advertise at? Is there any other effective ways to bring potential customer to our sites? Thanks in advance.
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          VishSastry Wayfarer

          A few questions:

          a) How is your site ranked? Is it that there is no search traffic or that you are not ranked highly enough?

          b) For PPC, the search engines are the obvious options - but you may want to look at specific sites that your target customers visit. I can list the obvious ones but a diligent list would have to come through asking you a lot of questions.

          I am from company called Small Biz Express ( and we do online marketing for our customers. Our experience is that it takes a certain time to optimize and get traffic going - so have you spent the time and effort optimizing your campaign.

          You can email me at if you want to discuss this.


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            Before you ask questions on how to generate traffic or seeking help on boosting your search engine traffic, you need to ask yourself few questions.

            1. Is my site target the right customer?
            2. Is my content suitable to my visitors who are looking for exactly the stuff I am offering?
            3. Can my visitor trust the web site which has no physical address, phone number?
            4. There are too many e-commerce site out there selling Jewelry. Why will visitors buy from you?

            Paying PPC without knowing your bottom line is wasting money. That's why many e-commerces sites comes and goes. Google Analytic is very easy to use. Yahoo search marketing is also easy to use. If you know who you are targeting, it's easy to find the right keywords to use. It will just take you a short time to learn keywords tools.

            If you are serious to boost your online store, you need to do your own how works first!
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              vnavguys Tracker
              You have opened pandoras box, and what you really need to do is to learn how the ecommerce world works and how Google ranks pages in its index. If you do not, you will never get any traffic. This is not easy, anyone that says it is, is lying to you. I would read as much as possible and then consider hiring a pro. I am not promoting my services,but I do believe that i would have saved myself a lot of headaches if I would have done this from the start. So many people try to save a dime when stepping over a dollar. In the beginning you do not know enough to make your site crank, I would even say this, you wont know enough in a year from now. Don't let that discourage you, knowing your weakness is half the battle. Hire someone that does and then while you pay them to market you study and copy and ask tons of questions so that you learn what they are doing. This works awesome and it is like getting twice as much for your money. Your other avenue would be to join a network that will teach you everything that you need to know. This can be great but there is a lot of information and it can be overwhelming. You will spend about the same if you hire someone, that is my advice. I have done it both ways.
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                oneStopAD Newbie

                if you're looking to increse sales on your jewelry store we can definitely help you increse traffic and sales, feel free to contact me and I will most definitely be able to help you get the traffic and sales you want.

                1Stop AD
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                  heather24 Adventurer

                  Instead of creating content on your website, try to understand he online behavior of your customers.
                  Compare your website with competitors and implement some changes in your website conten based on competitor analysis. Use customer testimonials, images to increase the conversion rate of your website. Use relevant keywords in your conetent for SEO. Use Twitter to increase expousre among passive audience.

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                    Drachsi Scout
                    I would use to create a number of different virtual flyers. As Google indexes Squidoo pages about every 48 hours, you will see them when you search. Having you own Blog is very important, try to have the same name for all your Forum posts, as these are also index by search engines. You will need to plan for 3-6 months for real activity to start.

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