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    Quick Books

    lovemykids Wayfarer


      I have been runing quick books and can charge cards (Visa, Mastercard) for $17.00 dollars a month. I have to open a account for Discover and AMEX. I know the fee's that go along with these cards. However I was wondering if any person knows of place that might be a bit cheaper.

      My options so far:

      PayPal Terminal at $30.00 dollars a month (plus PayPal Fee's). I can run all cards that will offer me all cards for $25.00 (I know the fees already).

      Any advice would be great

      Thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Quick Books, Check out Barry at " amspcs ". Both are listed as members.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            nMoncrief Adventurer

            A little more than a year ago, Discover joined Visa & MasterCard in the Interchange program. All accounts opened since then can, or should be able to, accept all 3 cards using the same merchant account with the same rates applied. You should be able to call your processor and have Discover added at no cost to you. AmEx is still totally seperate, meaning another account with their own rates/fees.

            If you're using QB for processing, they are expensive. Many merchants have signed up for QB's processing, only to realize the software blocks them from changing processors. Fortunately, there are now processors who have written plug-ins that release merchants from QB's strangle hold. Your QB rates will be easy to beat, for any processor. I suggest you look for one that combines good rates with great service.

            Neil Moncrief
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                lovemykids Wayfarer
                Hiiiiii nMoncrief

                Thank you for the input. After research (and a phone call) I can charge discover as well and only need to open a account for amex. My rate of $17.00 per month for all three cards is something that I feel is pretty good. I really have no desire to take amex as they are not worth the time or any extra fee they may charge.
                Thank you again for you input! I am so happy that I found out this news. You saved me a bunch! So with that being said, Consider this question as closed.
                Have a perfect day.
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                    nMoncrief Adventurer

                    That was easy! I'm glad you're happy. You should know there are lots of simple things you can do when charging credit cards to save money and reduce your risks. (Far too many to go into here.) I post the free tips at my blog. Please consider taking a look. You can even sign up for notification when new tips are posted.

                    Neil Moncrief
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                  amspcs Ranger
                  Good morning,

                  It would help me to understand what sort of processor you are: Face-to-face, MOTO, internet, or whatever.
                  That will greatly influence what kind of solution fits you best.

                  QuickBooks offers different programs, including software based and terminal based. Again, I'd like to know which you are using. In any event, none carries monthly fees as high as $17 per month to my knowledge.
                  And there isf no such thing involving QB blocking you from using other processors to my knowledge--how would they do that? Please contact me--we can show you how to lower that $17 number.

                  You're a little confused regarding is a gateway provider, not a merchant services provider. works in conjunction with a merchant account, it is not a substitute for one.
                  You still need a merchant account along with

                  Discover is now part of most V/MC networks. American Express remains a separate entity. You can run Amex cards on any processing network,but you need to separately apply for and be approved for an Amex merchant account. Any processor can make these arrangements for you, just call them.

                  Forget Paypal for $30 a month. If you are a serious business doing any volume at all, Paypal is not a solution for you.

                  Please contact me Thanks, and good luck.