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    The Reason I Quit MLM

    MediaPress9 Adventurer
      In the past, I decided to join a MLM home-based business opportunity (cosmetics) because I believed that I could earn enough money to quit my day job. The MLM opportunity that I was involved in offered a great product and extensive training and support. I had custom designed business cards, brochures and even a website to promote my business.


      So, why did I quit?


      I quit because I wasn't earning any money. The market was over saturated with representatives selling the exact product. Every person that I tried to sell a product to already knew someone who was in the business. I had to work extra hard just to get a sale. I certainly didn't earn enough to quit my job.


      I had no other choice than to quit the MLM business opportunity and head back to working a regular job. I was miserable because I really wanted the business to work out ...I really wanted to be an entrepreneur.


      Family and friends assumed that I had no other choice than to go back to my dead-end job because I wasn't entrepreneurial material. That was beyond the truth. MLM may be an excellent opportunity for some people, but it didn't work out for me. So, what was I going to do with my life at that point?


      I basically had three options:

      1. To work at my dead-end job for the rest of my life.
      2. Find another MLM opportunity.
      3. Create my own opportunity.

      I tried #3 and it has worked out great for me.


      How I did it?

      I found my niche. The market that I'm in is not over saturated with the service that I offer my clients and it is recession-proof. I don't have to recruit people and bother family and friends about my business opportunity. Best of all, I don't have to wait for a commission check in the mail.


      A couple of months ago, I decided to write an e-book to help aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to earn a good living working from home on their own terms. To find out more information about my new e-book, visit:
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          rencmbs.vate1 Wayfarer
          the section on how to built a website for free, looks interesting.
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              MediaPress9 Adventurer

              I recommend choosing an "ad-free website". It is possible to have a professional looking website for free. I recommend this option for those who are working with an extremely limited budget. If you are a high-profile company, and you want to develop a strong web presence, I recommend hiring a professional to create your website.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              No matter how good the business system is, the business must be one that "fits" you. It must be a business that builds on YOUR strengths and talents.

              Achieving your dream: It is good to understand your options and determine what is best for you.

              The three basic options are:
              1. Start a business from scratch
              2. Buy an existing business
              3. Purchase a franchise

              I have just joined a group of Franchise Consultants. The company specializes in helping people learn about many of the possible investment choices that exist in today's market.

              The services are free to you the prospective buyer. For more info, email me at " " and please include your phone number. Thanks, LUCKIEST