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    TOUCH ME RIGHT! Doll (P)-A Speaking Doll for Abused Children

    touchmerightd Newbie
      Introducing a patented and revolutionary speaking doll to be used by children of adults who suspect familial (family-related) sexual abuse to their young or adolescent relatives -- the TOUCH ME RIGHT! Doll (PATENTED).


      Because young, sexually-abused children are afraid to tell, the TOUCH ME RIGHT! Doll(P) has been created. When children are threatened not to tell anyone, they will feel freer to point to the area on the doll where they're being abused. Once they point and touch that area on the doll, the doll will speak for them.

      To view our videoclip, please visit our website at OR go to and search ' touch me right doll'.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          So basically you are assuming that any child who has access to this doll HAS in fact been abused and that no mistakes can come from this products usage, ie: an innocent person being charged after a family member has coached the 'victim'?

          Is this product for use by law enforcement agencies or by divorce lawyers wanting to grant custody of the children for their clients?

          There are a lot of bona fide cases of abuse. I just worry that this product could be used as a weapon against an innocent person because of other familial issues such as divorce. This is a tool to help a child that has the potential to do great harm when put into the hands of an unscrupoulous adult.
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            LadyPR Wayfarer
            I understand that this product definitely comes from the heart. 1 in 4 young girls are sexually abused at somepoint in their lifetime. Ask your circle of friends and I guarantee that they have a story to tell. I believe in the power of this product and I am sure that even if your child hasn't been abused to know how to say no is important and enforcing these lessons with a doll is even better. I believe that this is going to be revolutionary and parents everywhere will thank you.

            I believe that before you can get on Oprah you will need to build a buzz for this product in various parent magazines, children magazines and online mom blogs. Let's connect about this product. I would love to help you get the word out You can also visit my site to learn more about how I work with businesses to reach women consumers.

            Yours in success,

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                touchmerightd Newbie

                Hi Sherrell,

                I thank God for your comment. It's so wonderful to hear from others who understand and realize that this is a real problem -- this is not about me or about Oprah. We're instruments being used by God.

                When I think about children at night in their beds sleeping or trying to sleep and hearing the footsteps of their offenders walking down the hall or opening their doors, it tears me up on the inside.


                Help me help them.