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    Viral Marketing -How to get stared?

    mommybiz09 Wayfarer
      Starting a new party planning business, 2 moms with advanced degrees, down sized by corp america and want to start something of our own, law & marketing / sales backgrounds. Where do we start for viral marketing that is low expense but reasonable return?
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          LadyPR Wayfarer
          Hi MommyBiz09,


          Congratulations on taking that step into entrepreneurship. This economy has definitely allowed many of us to discover our talents and face our fears of shying away from a regular 9-5. As for viral marketing tips here are a few low cost tips that I have to help you get started with your business. You may also want to check out the following books, "Guerilla Marketing", "Guerilla Publicity" and "The New Rules of Marketing and PR".

          1. Get some business cards. They don't have to be extra fancy but fun and professional. You can get some easy created at staples. Hand them out at business networking events, restaurants. You may also want to create some flyers to post on community boards.

          2. Start a free blog. Blogger and Wordpress have free blogging platforms and templates you can use. Share some tips on how to plan the perfect party

          3. Contact restuarant, lounge and venue owners, offer them a commission on any business they refer to you. Build a relationship and they will always keep you in mind.

          There are many ideas that I am sure you and your new partner can come up with. You just have to be creative and patient.

          Yours in success,


          Twitter: @ladyprnews
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              mommybiz09 Wayfarer
              Thanks, we have a web developer and are having biz cards step facebook, twitter etc.. What about email campaign to our contacts? Who is the most reasonable service or should we try it alone? We have also talked about the 3rd party avenue with local businesses.
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                  LadyPR Wayfarer
                  Definitely utilize the power of twitter and facebook. It may take some time but its definitely worth it to build friends effectively and locate the followers that are interested in what you have to offer.

                  Email campaigns are great. Especially a promotional newsletter. But add value to it. Not just a bunch of ways that people can give you their money. Offer some do-it-yourself tips ( as backward as it may seem), feature their party on your website, run a contest for people to win a complimentary party makeover. Get as creative as you can be. In terms of email marketing solutions Constant contact is great but I am now using (just signed up today). They are way cheaper than constant contact and do the same things plus more. I will let you know how the service goes.

                  Again, partner with as many businesses as possible. They will be great resources for you and a great way to get new business. Will you do corporate events? Special events like wedding planning or birthday parties? As long as you are clear on your audience I think that you will be headed in the right direction.

                  Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

                  Twitter: LadyPRNews
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  How to get stared, Good post, Sherrell

                  Also one should develop a business plan and contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE

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                  wiredless Newbie
                  1. What "virus" are you trying to spread?
                  2. Who do you hope catches it?
                  3. What will happen when they're infected?
                  4. How will your company treat it?
                  I know these sound medical but the questions come from the 'viral marketing' concept. What is the DNA of your vision? I would suggest that if you know that , you will begin to discover how people treat their "party planning" symptoms.

                  While the newer social (engineering) networking makes an impact, nothing beats personal attention. Do you know the balloon lady in town? How about the top two bakeries, catering companies, 2nd tier conference rooms? Getting close to the "upstream providers" that put together the pieces of puzzle gives you insight into present limitations, key competitors and pricing models being used. Could it be that a revenue sharing approach that improves their success will improve yours?

                  Who do you want to do parties for? Busy parents? Sponsor a PTA meeting, with your "marketing budget" allocated to putting on an actual event. If you find one, record it with an HD video camera, focus on the special touches you add to a party, put that on You Tube and then link it from your website.

                  Also, find professional photographers and videographers who are looking for work. Check out their portfolio and if you like them and their work, team up.

                  Great time to start. Christmas / holiday parties are being planned now.
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                    Spamfork Wayfarer

                    A novel ideal from


                    1. Create a free member profile
                    • Connect yourself to your company which is probably already on Manta (or add a new one for your new business)
                    • Add information about what you do, what you sell, or even your twitter account, etc


                    2. Visit the companies you want to do business with or the companies you want to sell to
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                    • Other members and companies will learn more about your company and find links to your member profile


                    Give it a try - it's a new twist and members are gaining great exposure on the company pages they visit - all for free...


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