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    Come On People WAKE UP!!!

    MrMentor Newbie
      Do you know who I'm talking about? I'm talking about ALL the
      network marketers who still haven't figured out that MARKETING
      is what makes business "go round".

      Let me ask you something...if you have the greatest product
      in the world and no one knows about it...are you going to make
      any money?

      Pretty simple isn't it?

      Yet what baffles me is how people say, "MAN I really want to
      make $10,000 a month in residual income, I'm really going
      to do it!"...


      Then 3 weeks later they quit because they talked to 4 people
      and every one said no, and somehow they lost all their goals,
      hopes, and dreams of creating wealth for themselves.

      Guess what?

      We don't think like that. We don't act like that. And if
      we face an obstacle we ABOLISH it. We stop at nothing to
      be on the cutting edge of technology, to know the most innovative
      marketing strategies as they are happening, and to employ
      them into our business on a daily basis.

      You need to start asking yourself some serious questions.

      Like...Are you ready to be an entrepreneur or are you still
      just "wishfully thinking" you could be an entrepreneur?

      Are you ready to devote yourself to becoming a student of
      life...learning personal growth, marketing, and leadership?

      Or are you just gonna sit your butt in front of the TV for
      another few years numbing out the fact that you want more out
      of your life?

      Now, you have to understand I don't really know if you would
      do that or not. In fact, since we haven't had a chance to
      talk yet I'm not even sure what you really want in life.

      But I speak this way to show the difference between the two
      mentalities. One mentality will never be stopped from achieving
      it's goals.

      The other will never even get started.

      You have a choice here today...

      You can choose to become the student, to THINK BIG, to act
      bigger, and align yourself with people who are on the cutting
      edge of this day and age.

      Or you could continue to do whatever it is your already doing.
      Your call...

      That little voice inside your head that's saying, "MAN, these
      guys sound very serious. I have got to find out what they are
      all about and if they are doing what they say they are...I HAVE
      to be a part of their team IMMEDIATELY."

      Listen to that voice. It's trying to guide you in the right

      We're here...

      Your Partner In Success,
      Marcus Gray

      P.S. Quit playing around. It's time to step up and take
      network marketing by the horns instead of it taking you...