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    business credibility

    bereanca Newbie

      From a cursory review of this site it looks like an excellent resource. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to resolve a pressing issue.

      There are numerous sites matching lenders with borrowers but I'm looking for sites that allow borrowers to do background checks on potential lenders, other than BBB Online. I'm looking for a free service as well.

      Any ideas? Thanks.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Here is where your knowledge of how to use a search engine is going to come in handy.

          Google, and and input any company names as well as tags for SEC, BBB, judgements, plaintiff, defendant etc.

          Once you find out principals names you wil lneed to do searches on them as well using their names as well as any taglines. Be sure to use both positive and negative business and personal attirbutes.

          Good Luck, DDiva
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              bereanca Newbie
              Thank you. Good advice. In fact, it was by doing as you suggested that I walked away from a $1.5B LOI. Ya gotta believe I never thought I would be doing that!

              I know there are sites that do checks for a fee but I was hoping with the relative sophistication of the net now there would be some free resources. Thanks.