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    Doing anything "green" for your business?

    WhiteBrow Wayfarer
      There's been a lot of news lately about the environment, wondering if any of you are doing anything "green?" For example, one of my gym members had asked "where is the recycling bin?" after buying a bottled drink from an onsite vending machine that we have. So, now - we have clearly marked bins for recycling! I know it's a small step, but I'm happy that we are doing something! What are you doing?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          First of all, we have NO OFFICES!!! We are a virtual company and manage all of our business and communications on BaseCamp. We even have meetings using the Campfire chat applet. Our biz app (product) takes paper and organizes it into a hybrid master data management format so that companies do not have to store mega boxes of paper!!!

          we are very very green.....

          Personally though (at home) we recycle 95% of our trash..... paper, cans, plastics, even the paper coffee filters! (put grinds in a jar for the garden, rinse the filter and toss it in the paper sack when dry!). Plastic sacks go back to the recycle bin at the grocery store as well! The Pack & Mail place will also take in all maner of styrofoam packing and bubble wrap. We have one little plastic bag at the curb once a week.

          We try to do as much as we can and recycling is a huge start!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Great timing. Yesterday Wednesday Nov 7, The New York Times had a Special Section, called
            BUSINESS OF GREEN. We are all doing something
            Target is changing it's red bulls eye to GREEN. It is a great marketing tool to go GREEN.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              As for operational areas, nothing new has been inspired or instituted by all the recent media focus on "green." If the opportunity was there, we were already doing it.

              Quite a lot is being done with long term energy efficiency in mind on the facility we're rebuilding -- all of those actions are "green," but most are being done as much for the other type of green (money) as for environmentalism. For example, we would not have replaced the old windows just to benefit the planet, but since the planet blew them out (that'll teach us!) and they now have to be replaced anyway, it makes good sense to install energy-efficient products.
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                slavaret Adventurer
                1) I am home based and spend a lot of time online, running multiple applications. I try to reduce power consumption by putting the computers in Stand By or Hybernation whenever I am out of the office.

                2) I print a lot of financial statements for my stock research. The statements take up exactly 1/2 a page. By cutting the sheets in half and usung both sides I have been able to reduce new paper consumption by 75%.

                3) It's amazing how much letter size paper a household accumulates in the course of a year: statements, renewals, updates, solicitations, etc. I go through them regularly and pull out outdated stuff to reuse/recycle. Frees up a lot of filing space too!

                4) I use both sides of paper before recycling and open every piece of junk mail to exctract one-page sheets to re-use.

                5) I print my own daily/weekly planners on recycled sheets. They are unsightly but get the job done.
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                  WhiteBrow Wayfarer

                  It's great to know that everyone is doing their part to help the environment! Thanks for sharing.
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    As I wrote last week on Wednesday Nov 7, The New York Times had a Special Section, called
                    BUSINESS OF GREEN.
                    Today, Monday Nov 12, The Wall Street Journal also has a Special Section, called Energy,
                    A CONSUMER'S GUIDE To Going Green
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                      jp1234 Wayfarer
                      Actually, our whole business is "Green". We take all the wood from old houses and buildings and recycle and reclaim it as wood flooring. This is wood that came from trees one to three hundred years old way back in the 1900's to 1950's. It is .
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                        LUCKIEST Guide
                        Wednesday Nov 7, The New York Times had a Special Section, called BUSINESS OF GREEN.

                        Today Thursday, Nov 15, The Wall Street Journal MARKETPLACE has two stories GREEN
                        1) Google Is a Go-To for "Green" Activists Google internet maps illustrate environmental woes.

                        2) Games Backers Play Up GREEN. Olympic sponsors are going green.

                        The country is spending money, going green. LUCKIEST
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                          equinina Newbie
                          This is my very first post here and I am happy that it is on a GREEN topic. Actually, I have spent a lot of time researching on the web lately for how to get greener. I have a home based - (well kind of unless you count my trips to Peru) service that designs very special trips to mainly Peru and sometimes Ecuador and Argentina. I recently joined TIES - The International EcoToursim Society and through them have learned about so many ways to get greener on a grander scale. I will soon have a link on my website where you can go and offset your carbon emissions from car and jet travel. You can also plant trees in rainforests, etc. I am trying to promote very responisible travel with my passengers and this is working out nicely. Would love any input from others if they are involved in something similar. On the home front am already doing what I can as far as recycling, using energy efficient bulbs, not leaving the water running, etc. It is not very difficult and every little thing helps us all.

                          I started my business from a dream 2 1/2 years ago and never imagined people would be writing about me on the travel forums. My challenge now is that I have been doing all of this on my own and now I am growing out of control and don't know how to get organized so that I don't make any fatal errors. Anybody doing anything similar?
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                              Bluesuit Adventurer
                              Don't want to get off topic, but just wanted to say that I know some friends that have been talking about going to Peru. Glad I was on the forum tonight and will tell them to check out your website. What a great company you have. Also, I think users can post a business story on this site. It would be informative if you posted one so others could learn even more about your business and what you are doing to help the environment.
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                                  equinina Newbie
                                  Thank you very much Blue Suit. I hope you visit my website. I am in the process of making many updates but am wearing so many hats at the moment that it is difficult to get the time. I will be happy to help with designing a trip. I see my little company growing in a very special way and hope to be able to stay with the times and see it through according to my mission statement. I was asked to write an artcile for the TIES newsletter - and it will be published to 100 countries very soon. Exciting. I wrote it about a community near Lake Titicaca I am working with.

                                  Hoping to tune into some solida business advice on this site. Thanks again.
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                                speedy Newbie
                                In the beging of a grass-roots movement, is ready for the public.
                                Check out the big idea.

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                                  MDF2008 Wayfarer
                                  Yes, we are involved in several scaled green projects "Going Green."

                                  * Solar
                                  * Automotive
                                  * Flex Fuels
                                  * Industrial
                                  * Organic

                                  All the Best Going Green. MDF2008
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                                    amynwesley Adventurer
                                    With paper and printing costs skyrocketing I can hardly afford to keep up. I've learned that, with the exception of a few things, the world wide web can be just as effective as the old stamp and letter.
                                    So to cut back on costs like these we've moved our company newsletter from the mailbox to the inbox. Saves paper, ink and countless other costs and we can reach twice as many people twice as fast.
                                    I also recycle my ink cartridges. I take them down to Staples. In return I get coupons so that I can save on my next purchase there. I think I got like 20 bucks worth of coupons the last time I was at Staples.
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                                      AppleGraphics Adventurer
                                      Currently we do the basics at my company. Being a commercial printer we make sure to recycle all the excess paper we produce as well as offer recycled paper options to our clientele. We have also switched over to a new press which uses much less chemicals.
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                                          yMladenov Newbie
                                          Hi, this is my first post here.
                                          I have a home based business, trading with retail products (pc's and multimedia) as a primary activity. Secondary, do tech support for local companies and clients. Tertiary, I do a lot of desktop publishing, commercial/artistic/web design as well as some marketing and management (business plans, finances, etc).

                                          Since I live in a small and not so advanced country I cannot do a lot of recycling. Last year we had recycling bins distributed on the streets for the first time. For now the only thing I do is offer a unique (for the area at least) service that I call "PC recycling". When a client wants to buy a new PC and get rid of his old one I take it for technical examination, do price evaluation and the price of the new PC is lowered by the value of the old one. Client gets his new PC, while I reassemble the old one, clean the parts and utilize them for new applications in local offices and homes. I also plan to do a monthly clean out of my home-based office and get my trash to the other end of the street where we have recycling bins.

                                          @slavaret Great tips for recycling! I do a lot of printing - offers and price quotes on my products so I'll put those in use right away!
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                                          designer Tracker
                                          Hello. As a small business owner, I work from home and have an exclusive on-line website. I feel I am saving our earth by not having a brick and mortar store and all the equipment needed to fill it as well as the electricity, heat, air and all the resources to make a store pretty and eye-appealing with signs and lighted advertising displays. When I package my product, I include items that a person can use many times over and over for a long period of time. I try to double up on everything and make the best use of what I have so I am not wasteful.

                                          When I do my beading, I really prefer the natural daylight and sun. I enjoy working with my gem stones and semi-precious stones and feel they are gifts from Mother Nature. I have been more aware of the materials and supplies I use these days, for example I no longer use plastics or man-made materials in my designs and shy away from scraps of material. Sometimes, I will rescue vintage pieces and turn old brooches and pendants into a brand new design. It's fun!
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                                            puzzleman Tracker
                                            As a manufacturer of wooden products, we have lots of scrap. We take those scraps and cut them into various shapes. Then sand smooth and sell what we can as building blocks. Since we produce more than we can sell, we donate the rest to an organization that distributes them to children's hospitals throughout the country. Last year we saved over 1,000 pounds of wood from going into the trash.

                                            We also take our sawdust and mix it with the community's shredded wood scraps from their tree trimming service. This then breaks down into mulch. We recycled over 200 pounds of sawdust last year.

                                            We have replaced light switches in seldom used rooms with motion detectors. The lights only come on with someone in the room and turn off 30 seconds after they leave. Rooms that we put them in are the restrooms, stock room, secondary office and storage closet.

                                            All of our light bulbs are fluorescent to keep costs down. Also all of the sanders and routers have automatic dust collection. The dust collectors get turned on and off when the machines are turned on and off. this keeps someone from forgetting to turn off the dust collectors.

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                                              Spamfork Wayfarer
                                              Hello Folks,

                                     is a free company information site that has about 6 million unique visits per month. If your doing something green at your company - consider updating your company profile on to let consumers know... Manta already has basic informaiton on about 45 million companies but is now collecting any "green" initiatives....The more companies start promoting thier green efforts - the more other companies will feel compelled to follow.

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                                                Philip F Newbie
                                                I've just updated a website called "" that provides recycled toner cartridges to businesses. They also provide documentation to large businesses that shows just how many cartridges they reused instead of buying new ones.

                                                Using recycled toner and ink cartridges are a HUGE way to be green. Remanufactured toner and ink are also much cheaper than originals. We're heading for a recession - remanufactured is one way to go.

                                                I worked with the company on re-positioning themselves as a more 'green company' instead of just a toner remanufacturing company. They reuse EVERYTHING - from the box to the plastic bags the previous toner was put in. The previous website was just about 'selling' remanufactured cartridges but the company's mission statement on the whole was far more. They're a company helping other companies to be greener.

                                                We're going through finalizing the site's profile so people can find them better through Google and Yahoo. BUT please check out their site: They've got some great recycling factoids on the front page!


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                                                  scubajared Newbie
                                                  We help businesses go green with their marketing campaigns. We sell a full line of eco friendly promotional products.

                                                  Have a great day!