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    Why isn't the product selling?

    Kcacol Newbie
      Hello. I started an organic children's clothing line and everyone wants to give me free advertising once they see the illustrations, and they all comment that they love jilly jellybug and what it is trying to do to help the rainforest and the gorillas. I have 500+ followers on twitter that are interested in my daily tweets about the rainforest. Over 500 people have viewed the product, but only 6 sales. Any idea what I need to do to reach the actual purchase point? Many thanks! (btw, i know they are a bit expensive, but . . . they are giving back to the rainforest and there are many other products of the same type that are selling at that price or higher and NOT giving a percentage back to a worthy cause).

      Appreciate any insight!

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          bentenn Adventurer
          You have created a specialty product line - kids clothing made from organic materials - that will have a very specific likely group of customers. You described how 'everyone' is giving you free pr and you have followers of your Tweets and such but you did not indicate if these followers and the pr is directed to your target audience or simply folks interested in organic clothing news.

          I would you suggest you clearly define who is most likely to be your potential customer, where you can find them and then focus all your media efforts to that defined group. After all, good pr is nice but what you really want is sales. You might also want to try to get others (retail and etail) who sell similar products to offer your products alongside theirs - as more distribution through more outlets is usually better.

          Good luck. Ben

          PS: Can anyone tell me how to post articles and stories on this site? I can find where to email or upload them. Thanks.
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              Kcacol Newbie
              Thanks for your comments. Agree with you. In fact, reading World Wide Rave by Meerman Scott and he indicates identifying business persona and I think we are not on target with that. Wondering if it might be better to target a completely different market.
              Thanks again.
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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  You obviously have a passion for what you are doing.

                  I agree with the above comment that you need to find your niche and focus on only those people.

                  Concerning the 5k follows on Twitter. Are any of those people in the media? Follow up with those on a regular basis.

                  Another thought is to search for people who retail your kind of products and wholesale to them.
                  Still keep your retail channel open but this will give you more volume.

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                BizStrategist Newbie
                Wow! Those are all great points. I couldn't have said it better myself.

                I would also return to those 6 customer sales and find out who they are, where are they and why did they purchase. That can further pinpoint more people like them and further identify what circles they travel in. Continue to build great relationships with them. They could be your gold mine.

                Will Peters
                The Anstad Group
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                  vnavguys Tracker
                  Well there are number of factors that weigh in here. What you are really asking is "why is your conversion rate so low?" That is a better question. The answer does not have much to do with twitter. People can use software to follow you on twitter, most of the time they dont even know what you are selling, its a link and google game. That is what you should use it for, links and attention, if you get a sale, great. I would focus on traffic that converts. What are your main keywords, how many people are searching for that keyword, how do you rank for that keyword? When you answer those you then can begin to figure out how to get them to come and look at your offer. The more visitors the more chances they will buy. Its just math. You have to give them a great reason why they aboslutly must buy your product. You get about 8 seconds from the moment they arrive on your site to do that very thing.

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                      Kcacol Newbie
                      Thank you for the comments. I think another problem is that our main site links to the product selling page within the etsy framework. Guessing that this has a certain "handmade" feel to it and probably isn't reaching the types of customers we really want. I think we need to move from the etsy selling base to selling only on our own site and providing one link the the "ebook" and another to buy the products.