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    Free Resource to help promote your business.

    Blabber Wayfarer
      I have used a number of free sites and this forum. I have to say I am moving up in Google (#9 with 475 free resource links) and my traffic is starting to show. This forum is great for Ideas and thank God people share. Some of the sites that I have luck with are the following: BOA, Craigslist, ads) Kijiji, and ton more. I listed all that have been beneficial on my site scroll to bottom to free resource links, and under the small biz category you will find all the links to advertise free. I am tring a website submission software and if that works out I will post it.

      There are so many sites out there just keep putting your ads out and traffic will show.

      Good luck
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          loansforyou Newbie

          thank you for the free help bring traffic to websites.i have been very sucessful with twitter,facebook & linkedin,if you are looking for a site with lots of helpful sports links try
 i have been on the internet for a long time.i just started promoting websites..the best advice i could give is be takes at least 3 months of hard work to start seeing results.try to learn things a little at a word of caution try to stay away from services that charge a fee.they can add up to thousands of dollars over a short period of time. most of the things they give you can be done for free with a lot of hard work.if you do things yourself you will have helpful knowledge for the rest of your life.wisdom & hard work will make you lots of money not get rich quick schemes.
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            rencmbs.vate1 Wayfarer
            that is a great way to promote a small business, using the avalible social networking sites as a business promotion tool. i just got an inspiring idea. thanks !