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    Video Advertising and Promotion

    wayonda Wayfarer is a newly launched video yellow pages advertising site that combines geographically targeted ads with engaging original video production. It's designed to provide businesses and private individuals the opportunity to use short professional videos to better display the quality and value of their products or services. It's also a customer focused forum where users can geographically search to find services that are near by and enjoy a video experience of what it is they're searching for. Content is kept current so display results are active, fresh and relevant.

      Conceptually, it's an integration of some of the largest advertising sites with some of the largest video sites. merges the video advertising experience with target audience search to display national, regional or local items of interest. It also has a pay per view feature which provides a distribution option for professional productions from filmmakers, musicians and others whos content is of commercial interest. Accounts contain plenty of linking opportunities and there is a social networking interface woven in.

      Being a new site, has a rough, edgy appeal to it that evokes an environment of experiment and creativity as well as a new venue for videographers to gain exposure and build new marketing opportunities for their productions. As the video yellow pages advertising concept continues to evolve, sites like will likely grow to provide a new experience of what advertising means and how customers and businesses interact. For the professional videographer, it opens an entirely new forum of interest for quality productions as advertisers seek out affordable options and creative solutions to reach their customers.