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    How do I market my business?

    Gerlaine Newbie
      I am starting my own Adult Companion/Sitter for the elderly. I would like to go to the client homes,I have my business cards, flyers, car magnet and Webster developed. I would like to built my business and make it a career. I recently graduated from college for my Bachelor of Business Management and will be furthering my education for my Master Degree. I like to know how I can market my business, I gave out 70 business cards last week and I have not received any phone calls.
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          bentenn Adventurer
          First, congratulations on wanting to be an entrepreneur. And with your education and eagerness, you will likely succeed.

          Second, handing out business cards is not a sales or marketing program. May I suggest you step back for a moment and clearly define who will be your target customer AND separately who will be the target consumer of your personal services. If you will be offering 'sitting' services for those adults not able to care for themselves, those same adults will be consuming your services but they will not be the ones to actually purchase your services as that will likely be done by another family member or other caregiver. I therefore suggest you first find people or institutions that know of those adults in need of adult sitting that can refer your services to the caregivers of those adults. Examples might be medical doctors serving the elderly, hospital social services, pharmacies, blogs or groups that provide assistance to the caregivers for their elderly in need, etc.

          Once you have found those potential referral entities recognize you are asking them to hire you for a very personal service - having you personally sit with their loved one alone in their home. You will likely do well by selling yourself as an honest, trustworthy, caring and educated person eager to assist elderly in need - possibly one referral person at a time. And since you will be seeking only a few clients (it takes one hour of time to sit with someone for an hour so you could not serve 70 clients in a week or even a month!), take your time selling yourself. And be sure you are bonded and have liability insurance.

          Good luck. Ben
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              Gerlaine Newbie
              I try different places such as pharmacies, and senior citizens organization and I still have not got any calls. Do you still have any other subjects.
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                  KARLAAMAYA Adventurer

                  Hi Bentenn,

                  Social networking is a great start. Facebook, twitter, etc. Tell your friends to become fans of your page and the news about your business will travel faster than you can imagine. Also, try sites related to your business, I'm sure some of them have information about some one needing your services. Organizations that deal with the elderly, church and so on. When you're in business you got to be creative and will realize that clients are waiting where you least expect it. Good Luck!


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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  This is great advice! I think you can also leverage technology to help by offering real time video in the home that the family can watch over the web to address the safety and security concerns. You can tell me you are trustworthy but if I can see it for myself that would be great.

                  bentenn is so right - carefully craft a message that shows your expertise. You business is going to be about developing a huge amount of trust with family members and caregivers, and nothing does that better than establishing a conversation through your marketing.

                  Good luck.
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                  Gerlaine Newbie
                  Are there any free websites that will place your business ads for you.
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                    Blabber Wayfarer
                    Check with probate lawyers. Sounds strange but they have clients that need assistance/care while they are waiting on a guardianship order. This is where the court orders them to a old age home or hospital or some type of guardianship care. Lawyers would like to have a quality person take care of someone like that.

                    Leave flyers at pharmicies, grocery stores. Look into senior expos/fairs, advertise in a local senior lifestyle magazine.

                    Good luck
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                      JMerrittCo Newbie
                      Sounds like your headed in the right direction. Have you considered instead of a vehicle magnet, using a full vehicle wrap? I am an employee of Joseph Merritt @ Co out of Hartford and we do all sorts of unique printing on anything you could imagine. Because we can do this we catch the customers eye. Sometimes a magnet will get overlooked. We also do other signs, banners, billboard, etc. If you interested email me at or call me 860.952.1529. We do everything in house and can give you a great price. We do marketing stuff for lego, diesel, jagermeister, pepsi co. etc.. Look forward to hearing how we can help your company boom!!!
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                        MrMentor Newbie

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                          Analysight Newbie


                          Ben's given you the best advice so far. Since the people you market to will not be the elderly who need the companion sitter, it would be a very good idea to find out how many "Baby Boomer" households are in your geographic location. Many Baby Boomers are considered a "sandwich" generation, because they are caring for both their own children (the bottom slice) and their parents (the upper slice). Be sure to stress the benefits of your service, not just companionship to their parents, but a little bit of freedom to the buyer - so that they could have a little time to themselves.

                          Analysights can provide you with a demographic analysis and market size potential for your geographic area for a reasonable investment and a fast turnaround. If you're interested, please give me a call at (847) 895-2565.

                          Good luck,
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                            koz4change Adventurer
                            You need a detailed business/marketing plan and to be honest, for your type of business a website will not get far at first. You need to get face-time with potential clients and build an actual relationship. Don't just say, "Here's my card, call me sometime." Say, "This is what I do. This how it will help you. Can I offer you my services." -- not quite so upfront, but you get the point. People won't use your service unless you ask. And, if you offer something they want or need they will most likely use your service. It all starts with networking and then getting the people who you network with to network for you. Good Luck!
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                              halcyonpark.3 Newbie
                              one way might looking at referral sources such as other healthcare professionals the elderly use. Let doctors, nurses and pharmacists know of your service. In so doing you're making yourself part of the larger healthcare community
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                                hconnections Adventurer

                                Just a few words of advice. Seeking ideas from this community definitely helps but you should also read as much as you can about how to market your business. I'm currently reading John Jantsch's "Duct Tape Marketing" which is packed with so much valuable information and ideas that I don't think I would have found anyplace else. Its really helping me to identifiy areas that I need to focus on and its giving me tools and strategies that I can implement even from now. For starters, you want to go where your potential customers are and build relationships with various organizations who share those same target customers. You may also want to begin doing seminars targeted to the adults who have elderly parents and educate them on why a service like yours is much needed. You need for your audience to understand the importance of adult companions. Find out their needs or problems and show how your services will be their solution. Also try visiting websites like and and which all have a wealth of articles and web tutorials on marketing your business.

                                Best of luck to you.

                                Ktasha, your personal tax partner
                                Start an Internet-based business today!
                                I'm mobile (914) 562-8301
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                                  nangar Newbie
                                  Hi Gerlaine ...

                                  Two suggestions for you:

                                  First ... social networking sites do work. Since you will probably be dealing with the elderly ... you will probably be contracting with the elderly's children or other care givers. An excellent social networking site for this demographic is It is targeted speifically for the babyboomer generation. Typically, babyboomers will be the children of the people you will be providing services to.

                                  Second ... you may want to consider online advertising for your business. There are a variety of alternatives out there ... just be sure that the one you select will meet your needs. You might want to check out my offering at WWW.NANGARMARKETING.NET. This is a short video that will give you an overview of what we can provide. If you would like to get more information please feel free to get back in touch.

                                  Good luck with your business venture ...

                                  Gary Gawler
                                  The Nangar Marketing Group
                                  (732) 690-1538
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                                    exmmedia Wayfarer
                                    Hi we can help you market your business ...we can advertise your business
                                    on our cars for more details check out our website*
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                                      mlgreen8753 Newbie
                                      That sounds like a great business concept. Have you considered video marketing on Also, when promoting your site you want to make sure your keywords are targeting the local area you live in. Therefore your title and descriptions should contain keywords for the local areas you service. You should also mention that in your videos as well to make sure your prospects are aware of it. Goodluck!
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                                        dMayoDesign Newbie
                                        TRY A GREAT FLIER AND BUSINESS CARDS