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    Sole Propriator - Home Based Business

    JGREER45 Newbie
      I have committed myself to starting a Home based business. I have placed myself into a Reseller's position offering (2) two Wholesale Only products only available to a authorized dealer/RESELLER and not available directly to the general public. I have spent enough time and money into this business idea and am ready to start selling and competing with already existing companies. The biggist problem I am encountering is getting my companies name out there, getting regognition within the market and getting a share of a potentially strong market that I know exists. ALL replys are greatly appreciated. I will send more info about this business to inquirees.
      Thank You
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          It is GREAT that you have committed yourself to starting a Home based business.
          You say that you have spent time and money in this business idea. Tell us more.
          Have you Developed a BUSINESS and MARKETING PLAN??
          Part of the marketing plan is identifying customer demand, it's size and location.
          Next explain how your product will be advertised and marketed.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            JGREER45 Newbie
            This buisness idea has developed a Good working Business plan, has identified the customer base, has ample customer information, a web-site and payment recovery plan. Please visit my web site at
            http://www.ems3600pers.comon yahoo or google. to see more. tell me what you think.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Just found another web site that might be of help. Try "howstuffworks".
                Does this help you, LUCKIEST
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                  slavaret Adventurer
                  As a stock picker, I look at hundreds of websites every week in order to decide for myself if the product will sell. My approach is not scientific - if I don't get a "wow! this stuff will sell!" reaction in 5 min or less, I don't see a unique value proposition - and profits for investors. So - FWIW:

                  Sharing a personal story is a good sales pitch - but what IS the story?

                  I presume the target marget is elderly people in need of care. But I still don't understand what the solution is. Who, when, where, why, how? You get right into the specs and price advantage without selling the solution. I think a personal story in plain English and some typical situations and solutions would go a long way.

                  Who are the buyers? The products suggest it's health care facilites - not individuals. Selling to businesses is different from selling to individuals.

                  If you are reselling somebody else's product, differentiating yourself on price is a cut throat business. I'd try to add value by either selling safety to seniors and their relatives or efficiency to buisnesses. This should should determine the marketing plan.

                  I don't know how to sell to businesses but seniors are less likely to buy online from an unknown entity based on price and specs. They will buy from YOU if YOU are the one who cares enough to offer them a solution. I'd find where seniors congregate and talk to them there (seminars, message boards, articles, ads), using the website as a backdrop for more info and ordering.

                  Good luck!
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  I concur with slavaret that it's hard to tell what business you're in (i.e., exactly what need exists, and exactly what are you offering to fill it?). You wrote that your biggest problem is getting your company's name out there. Well, you got your name in front of at least two of us and we visited your site, but we evidently missed the essentials that lead to customer interest -- and to sales. Slaveret's post offered several good ideas to help you address that. Good luck!