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    Managing Impactful Blogs For Business

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      Can I Manage My Own Free Business Blog?

      Hopefully this is a relatively frank approach to answering the all to common question, "Can I Manage My Own Free Business Blog?" The answer is, "Sure, if are you are a capable ‘Do it Yourselfer'. If you are, managing a business blog can be a way to go; however, don't ever let anyone suggest it's completely easy or that it remains so as you build a larger and larger presence on the web. The fact is, it can be a challenge for even the most self sufficient among us.


      Valid Considerations


      At a very general level the securing of business blog platforms, updating core software and adding new features http://i.e. Understanding WordPress Updates & Plugins can be difficult for many. And, what one business does with its' marketing tools is rarely the same as another. +"+Remember, the more you add to a blog, the more that can go wrong. Especially with plugins. So don't go crazy.

      Blog management issues we often see include slowed load times, plugins interfering with other plugins, plugin features no longer compatible with core software, server based issues and then there are the potential security issues.


      Problem Examples


      A recent comment in the WordPress forums offers further caution,


      "I am desperate for assistance with my site. All was working fine until I upgraded. As it stands right now, I tried to downgrade and my blog site is down http://blank screens."




      "I'm not familiar with what the protocol is for these matters but...many WP users have installed themes by XYZ. She has stopped updating her themes and her former website is down. I have tried contacting her w/o success. I was wondering whether protocol permits a theme developer adopting her themes and updating them (making them widget-ready for example) for the thousands of WP users who have wonderful themes like A, B & C. Many of us hope these themes won't be abandoned."


      Some Detail For Managing Your Own Business Blog/ Server


      Here are some relevant questions our team felt you may want to ask yourself:

      1. Am I capable of handling server issues including CPU spikes, mal-formed packet attacks, spam attacks on blogs and/or on their back end and database backups? That's just a few, but many hosts will shut you down if any of the aforementioned happen, so if your blog disappears you may be left to wonder "why"?
      2. Do I need a custom brand a design? If so, can I do it?
      3. With blog formatting, if I happen to drop some code or a widget screws up the blog's interface, it may be difficult to fix. Am I prepared?
      4. Many things can cause database corruption at any time and the fix can be difficult. Am I prepared?
      5. Do you want or need specialized plugins? If so, how will I get them installed without undermining my blog?
      6. Do I want or need custom widgets? If so, can I install them?
      7. Know anything about mapping my URLs and/or managing my DNS?
      8. Comfortable with FTP or cpanel interfaces, technology and raw code in general?
      9. Understand what the back-end file structure of a website or blog looked like?
      10. Maybe the most important consideration, what is the value of time versus other productive pursuits?
      11. And lots more...

      So if you're NOT comfortable with all the above and you want your blog firing on most all cylinders, it's certainly worth considering help.


      WHere Do You Get Help?


      These days business can depend on publishing knowledge of your craft to the web; particularly when it's the way to build a competitive brand... and possibly the most cost effective & qualified advertising you'll ever do.

      • We provide spider friendly publishing platforms configured for business WordPresss, modified & managed.
      • We provide technology management, so that you're problem free and always advancing.
      • We provide ongoing instructional education so that what you publish simultaneously serves your search indexing and the development of a brand.
      • We provide a comprehensive human service, so that you're never wasting time, effort or money.
      • We offer content, crash course and various other supporting services.

      If you're looking for help with optimal advertising and a competitive brand, let us know. We can help.