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    Start an Internet Based Business

    hconnections Adventurer
      Have you noticed how many brick and mortar establishments are closing down? Even right in your own backyard? I sure have. The Internet has changed the way people do business. It has changed the way people shop. It has changed many forms of activities we used to do in person. Including, making money.

      Hi, my name is Ktasha and I have been in the tax industry for about 20 years now. Most of the years I have held down a traditional job while freelancing on the side. But about 4 years ago, I decided I wanted to devote more time to building my business so I left corporate america behind and have not looked back. I enjoy managing my own time and that its not determined by my boss because I'm my own boss. While I love what I do, after reading Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant, I realized that I own a job, not really a business because I have no leverage. You see when I'm not working on someone's tax return or managing someone's bookkeeping, I'm not earning any money. I knew I needed a way to earn passive or residual income but didn't know how. Then one day a tax client introduced me to an idea of making money online. I was skeptical but took a look anyhow. Boy was I so glad I did. After viewing the presentation about this internet based business and learning about the integrity of the company, I got started right away.

      This business is changing me as a person. Its changing the way I think about so many important things in my life. I'm having more fun and enjoying life. I'm meeting and networking with leaders in my company who are mentoring me on how to create wealth for me and my family. I've began to help many of my friends and family and some people who I don't even know. The beauty of this business is that I can operate it from anywhere because it basically operates itself. There are tax advantages, unlimited income potential, and many personal benefits and perks.

      If you are experiencing disatisfaction in an area of your life, perhaps I may have a solution. Do yourself a favor and visit my web presentation at to see if this might be something for you. There's also an affiliate marketing program associated with our business and you can view a separate presentation about that at I'm available to answer any questions.

      Ktasha, your personal tax partner