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    Free SEO Analysis for Small Business

    metalbeach Newbie

      Does your website need SEO? Where do you currently rank in search engines - and if you have a good ranking, are you getting calls from customers?

      It's too bad that after investing in building a website, there is still more to do - and more expense involved. However, that initial investment in a website isn't worth as much if the website doesn't show up on Google or Yahoo.

      SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes a dedicated effort of 4 - 12 months. Basic SEO work can result in improved rankings within 2 - 6 weeks. However, the longer the work goes on, the better the long-term results. It's something that needs to be maintained on a regular basis, regularly checking rankings and trends to improve your results and then keep them there.

      I offer a free analysis of your site to see where you currently rank, a review of the HTML coding of your site and suggestions of what needs to be done to improve the site.

      When you review the analysis and you are interested in having the SEO work done, you set the budget and timeframe. I'll be glad to do as much work per month and as long as you want. The more time spent, the better ranking you'll have for your site.

      If you are interested in the free SEO analysis, let me know!

      -John Henkel
      Metal Beach Web Design and SEO