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    Advice on opening a used bookstore

    bethlee Newbie
      Hi all. I just found this site and joined today. I am trying to open a used bookstore in my small town. I have a loan application in at the bank and a private investor that may be interested. If you have a minute check out my website, and let me know what you think. Any advice on starting up a new business will also be appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Advice on opening a used bookstore. Welcome

          If I was starting a new business I would 1) Develop a Business Plan
          2) Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

          Good luck
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            A_Ellicott Adventurer

            I would suggest you rework your website a little bit. First of all, you should prominately display the hours you are open. I never did find that. Yeah, I could call and ask, but I probably won't. Also, you should make your address more prominate to make it easier to find your store. I only stumbled upon the map to your store by hitting "Contact Us." I wasn't really expecting a map in that section.

            Hitting used bookstores is one thing I really enjoy. Who knows, the next time I'm headed for Austin I may take a detour and drop by.
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              hconnections Adventurer
              Hi Beth,

              Wow, you're store sounds quite interesting. I love to read and opening up a used bookstore sounds like a unique idea.

              You should definitely check out SBA's website at There's loads of free online training and interactive workshops and information that can help you. When I was starting my business, I found that Entrepreneur's website was quite helpful. They have a whole page of information dedicated to Starting a Business. And you definitely want to visit the IRS's website to learn about your future business tax matters. If you're going to have employees you will be responsibile for filing Employer's Quarterly and Annual tax returns. There will be other tax responsiblities you will have. Visit I also invite you to view my website under 'useful links' there's a wealth of information for small businesses.

              Best of luck to you.

              Ktasha, your personal tax partner
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                david_aa Adventurer
                you could open a social network where people could chat, discuss books, share used books, both buy and make presents. you could post interviews with different writers and make a page where people could share their own works. Of course, this will require some good investment in programming part and all the website development, but idea is fresh and this would be a great support for your real store.