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    What POS system are you Using??

    TransActPOS Wayfarer
      TransActPOS would like to know what POS system you are using for your store and what the Positives and Negatives are of each.....
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          hpwebsolution Newbie
          Our POS system is WHMCS, and although it is a great system, that it is closed source is easily its largest drawback. Another problem it has is the dropdowns in the menus are not alphabetized or categorized well. It seems like they just stuck functions in any random place. Having worked in retail way-back-when, I think the biggest draw for a POS is ease of use. I say this coming from the person in the back-end, having to figure out what the users on the front end meant to do when they, say, sold an item we don't even have in stock. If the POS was easier to use, things like that would have happend less frequently. Another feature that is a must in any POS system is a Quickbooks bridge.
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            bigbearomaha Wayfarer
            While not a 'complete' cash register type of POS, BEL project includes web based NolaPro business management software with our small business web server customized installations. Nolapro is a full featured small business management software ( groupware" that includes a POS or cash register 'type' module allowing anyone with access to that aspect of the service a 'cash register' tool that is pretty good.

            NolaPro is a FOSS ( Fre/OpenSource product and they provide full support at a reasonable price for 'advanced' installations.

            You can see how BEL Project helps small business usesrs to implement NolaPro for free at our websites.


            Big Bear
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