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    What Are the Effective Methods Bring Traffic To My Website ?

    GlobalHome Wayfarer

      To All Dear Internet Marketer

      I'm working very hard to attract visitors to my website... but I would like to know beside Google Adword that spend more than earning.. what are the ways to increase traffic effectively and instantly...with target visitors..

      Is there any proven methods and how to do it step by step...

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          hpwebsolution Newbie
          The tried and true strategy of search engine optimization can bring a lot more traffic to your website. This includes on site optimizations such as building a plain-text link structure, optimizing the keywords in your page titles, and adding keyword heavy but valuable content to the pages. It also includes doing offline optimizations such as increasing the number of quality inbound links your site has. You can read more about search engine optimization and online marketing at You can also do things like social network marketing, viral marketing, and don't forget about offline marketing as well. Do you have valuable content on your website that people will want to link to and send their freinds/relatives to?
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            david_aa Adventurer
            i guess i have made a quick review of this website recently. no doubts, content is the king. and your marketing offers should be structured well and attract people right away.
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              LadyPR Wayfarer
              Hi Globalhome,

              I believe that I speak for many small business owners when I say that we are all looking for ways to drive more traffic to our websites. As an owner of a do-it-yourself pr website, I understand how important it is to organically generate new leads and customers. Here are some things that I am trying and tracking with Google analytics.

              1. Twitter - twitter can be extremely effective if you know how to use it the right way. Search for people that are speaking about or are in your industry. Follow them and encourage them to follow you. Tweet effective messages, offer promotions, ask questions and make people know who you are and how to find out more information about you.

              2. Public relations- So i'm a little biased here because its my industry but pr is extremely effective in getting the word out especially through an online reach. You can contact blog owners that write about your industry and ask to post an article on their site giving tips to their readers. Link back to your site. Add a newsroom to your website that features your articles on other blogs in addition to news about your business. Use a newswire service like, PRweb or business wire to send out information about your business where you can provide links that track back to your website.

              3. Write a newsletter- Send out a newsletter to your past customers and colleagues. Let them know about new promotions, news and changes in your business.

              You can also do more paid advertising but I'm all for effective, low-cost methods whenever possible. You can also hire a freelance pr rep that specializes in social media. For a few hundred dollars they can create an online presence for you and help you drive even more traffic to your site.

              Please let me know if this is helpful to you. If you tried something that works please share them with the community as well.


              Yours in success,


              Twitter: @LadyPRNews
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                NatOnline Tracker
                Valuable unique contents and backlinks building are the bottom line in SEO. I found that commercial videos are very effective too.

                Good luck
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                  koz4change Adventurer
                  Post your link on blogs/forums/social network sites. Make sure your posts are actually beneficial to the reader. Also, you can use marketing tools from hosting sites such as Traffic Blazer from