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    Helping My Clients Look For Business

    SME_ally Adventurer
      I have read many posts from folks seeking advice on what home based businesses one can start or how they can find suppliers for their businesses.

      I writing to help those who want ideas and suppliers. First off, we
      are a website designer and advertising company specializing in helping SMEs establish online presence in the Japanese market. Through the years we've established fantastic relationships with our clients. Because of the relationships we have, our clients have agreed to give customers we bring them favorable deals. We are NOT getting any commissions from the transactions made. We are only doing this as an ongoing commitment to build strong working relationships with our clients.

      Here are the industries in which some of our clients are in:
      1) intimate apparel (lingerie, nightgowns, hosiery).
      2) shea butter (hand cream, cleansers, body/hand lotions)
      3) corporate/promotional gifts (print your company logo on bags, shirts, pens, crystal paperweight, etc. And unlike traditional suppliers, our client does not require minimum order quantity. This is perfect for those who want to start an online corporate/promotional gift shop)
      4) Swarovski crystal components - use them in apparel, accessories, jewelry!
      5) Jewelry boxes - not your ordinary square wooden box. These are boxes shaped like sofas. Makes for great interior decorative piece as well.

      We have clients who are manufacturers based in China - ie lighting, silk curtains, etc. Let us know if we can help!