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    How does an established business find an investor?

    LetacKcin Newbie
      My wife and I purchased an established, and successful retail store in South Orange Co., Ca a couple of years ago. It was a small chain, of which we purchased one of the already established locations in a great area. We have a great website with a good ranking, and a new webpage design that is in the works to launch later this summer. We also have a couple of tangent business operations inderectly tied in to the store, that have been progressing at a pleasantly steady pace. All in all, we are happy with the direction our business plan is going. Of course, since the economic downturn has developed, we have been forced to move at a slower pace because of capital issues. We did recently renegociate our lease for a healthy 40% decrease in rent compared to the previously rate, which has been a real lifesaver for us. We feel that with an interested partner who can inject the proper amount of capital, we can expedite our earnings and build on our already solid foundation, we can create a successful scenario.
      We have never pursued an "angel investor", or partner, so we really don't know where to start looking for one who we can trust. We really aren't interested in going after financing through a bank, due to the difficulty in obtaining a loan nowadays. Is there an easy way to go about finding potential candidates?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How does an established business find an investor?, Welcome Nicholas.

          There is no easy way to find an investor.

          Start with a business plan. On top of this page (on the right) it says "search this site". Put in Angel Investor
          or Google Angel Investor.

          Two suggestions. Get a lawyer, BE CAREFUL

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            phanio Pioneer
            Loans are not that hard to get in this market as long as you are qualified - meaning great credit and great income.

            To look for investors - do not try to find them directly - try to find their gatekeepers. Most investors like to get introductions from people they know and trust. Seek out CPAs, lawyers or other business owners - talk to them about your opportunities - if you can sell it to them - they will sell it the investor.

            I would also start look locally - most angels like to invest in their community - they know the community and the markets in them.

            Find and attend local networking events and start talking with everyone that will listen.

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