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    Here's a good example of a sale letter.

    MlmRepMachine Newbie
      Have you ever heard the name David Ogilvy?
      How about the name John Caples?

      These are some classic names of guys who were
      masters at selling stuff in print. I urge you to
      become familiar with these guys. You can pick up
      their books at Amazon for just pennies but the knowledge
      that they share will help you to earn millions.

      Most people don't understand or even know what good copywriting
      is or looks like. To most when the word copywriting is mentioned
      what immediately comes to mind is plagiarizing someone's information.

      That's not it at all. Therefore I thought it would be well worth it to provide you
      with a link to some excellent copywriting. Study this sales letter that you
      are about to see. See if you can figure out the flow and what is happening.

      It doesn't matter if you have an online or offline business you can use these
      skills to get more leads, sell more stuff and earn more money.