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    Bar Restaurant Financing ? St. Louis MO

    dd1029 Newbie
      I am looking to purchase a bar restaurant in St. Louis, MO. Below is just a proposal. Please help me out. I can be contacted at the numbers and address listed below. A lot of other info including sales contract and Pics. are available. I can e-mail them to you as a package, if you are interested. The package is undert 5 Meg, so must emails will be able to receive the package. Thank you for your time,



      Karaoke World LLC


      Contact : Donald Demsko




      Phone 314-307-6810





      The real estate is a previous bar restaurant, located at 3748 Delor, St. Louis, MO, and includes all fixtures and kitchen equipment. The bar/restaurant, went by the name of Nell's Neighborhood Pub, and Boos before that. It has been profitable in both cases, but was closed last time, due to one of the owners, having personal problems. I plan on opening the bar/restaurant around August of 2009. I plan on having karaoke seven nights a week and will eventually have a 3 o'clock license. I will hire my karaoke company, Astra Karaoke Productions, which will cut at least $20,000 per year from previous karaoke costs. There are others items which I will initiate, but will not go in to at this time.


      PROGRAM DETAILS: Investment duration is 1-2 years for this location.


      Out in 1 yr with initial investment + 10%


      Out in 2 Yrs with initial investment + 25% of original investment


      Investment amount + interest to be paid back in one balloon payment at the end or before of investment period that you sign up for. For the first 90 days, Karaoke World has the right to refund your original investment only


      $205,000 of the $270,000 looking for, is the purchase value of the real estate.


      Minimum investment is $6000.00 which equates to 1% of temporary ownership.. Investment amounts are in 1% increments, with a maximum of 45% ($270,000) of total project.


      Donald Demsko, with Karaoke World LLC, will own all shares until at which time, they are sold at the price and conditions above.


      Let me know within 1 to 2 weeks, if you are interested.