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    A Rant on Annoying Office Lunchtime Behaviors

    modernbusines Adventurer
      Hi All,

      I have recently written an article for Modern Business Life , and I thought that the folks here might enjoy it as it is something that many of us have probably dealt with. Enjoy!


      If you're one of the many knowledge workers these days who works in an office or cubicle, you have likely encountered one of the following people around lunch time at your job. If you are like me, you are probably at least mildly annoyed by the actions of these people around the lunch hours. I have taken a moment to briefly classify and rant about them in the profiles that I have listed below.


      "The Curious Neighbor"



      I feel confident that many other have experienced this type of person on a regular basis, but may just be too kind to say something. Occasionally, when pushed up against a deadline, I will bring my lunch back to my desk to eat. It seems to be a common occurrence, whether in an office or cubicle, that the "Curious Neighbor" will inevitably make their way over just as you have opened up your lunch. Once they have realized that you just opened your lunch, they inevitably ask the question that is apparently the most important thing on their mind... "So, what ya' got?". What's more, after you tell them what it is, they stand there and closely inspect it, as if it is going to jump up and walk across the counter. And, as if they are expecting more information about your lunch to be relayed, they will then just stand there... when all you want is for them to leave so you can eat it.


      "The Broadcaster"


      Everyone's food has a certain smell when in the office place, but it seems to me that there is one smell that stands out and hangs in the air much longer than the rest... that is, fish sticks or other fish related foods. The "Broadcaster" will use the shared microwave to heat up their smelly lunch (ruining the microwave for everyone next in line), and then proceed to the most populated section of the office to eat. This allows the aroma to spread far and wide. What's worse, when they are done they will throw out the packaging in their cube or office trashcan. This ensures that the smell remains for hours of aromatic fun.


      "The Conversationalist"


      It stands to reason that when someone gets their lunch and brings it back to their desk, they would like to eat it and be left alone. However, when people are not coming over to ask, "what ya' got?", there is the occasional person who wants to come over to strike up a conversation, or deliver an update on something work related. One would think that it is a given that it they see someone preparing to eat, or already eating, they would simply come back later. However, the "Conversationalist" seems to be immune to that idea, and talks away.
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          Iwrite Pioneer

          I guess I am one of the few people that doesn't mind the visits, and if I do, I'll let you know. I always think that people visit because they are lonely, and I try to be as patient with them as possible. I understand that I am at work but contact with other humans is always nice.

          Now about the food, please add Broccoli to the list of foods that should not be heated up in the office. Yuk! I worked on a contract where the owner of the business ate broccoli and carrots and grilled chicken everyday. The smell of it being heated in the microwave was bad.
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            Bluesuit Adventurer
            ha, ha, ha...

            I think I am the "broadcaster" just made some popcorn in the microwave yesterday...and people came by curious as to who was making the popcorn? Hey, it's a holiday week - I thought most people were out of the office.