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    Realistic Numbers - Restaurant Business Plan

    jeff2766 Wayfarer
      Im looking to open a new bar/restaurant in the West Palm Beach Area. I have a strong business model that would be first to market in this area. I have 15 years restaurant management experience, however I have been out of the game for a few years and it was in a different state. I need help finding accurate figures for my business plan to ensure I am not over/underestimating. What is the best way to obtain accurate data? I have attepmted to contact other owners in the area, but I am weary to detail my business plan with them as they may take my concept.

      Additionally, I am looking to obtain about $250K in start up funds. So far I have one investor interested in putting up $50k. What is best way to acquire additional $200K. I have no equity to use as collateral.