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    product Name different than company name

    Biskookylady Wayfarer
      I have an LLC for my company but my product name is different and my customers have become familiar and look for the product not the company name. Do I need to have a DBA for the product name? I prefer to be publisized by the product rather than the company name.<!--Session data-->
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          sba8aexperts Wayfarer
          I totally understand.. My company Design2Train is a media company that produces information products. Here is how I handle the situation.
          For example: I have a product called the Narrative Toolkit - so in my advertising I mention that is it a division of Design2Train.

          Here is why you want to co-brand..... if you are selling a product or service online, you will need a merchant account - either through or Paypal (for example). You will want only ONE processing system - for cost control and book keeping purposes. That is where the "division of " is important. So that when people get their credit card bill OR the Paypal statement they KNOW if was something they purchased.

          You may want to trademark the product name. I have DBAs for websites, that contain products, not the products themselves.

          Hope this helps. Good question!
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            sba8aexperts Wayfarer
            I totally understand. Here is how I work that situation.

            My company Design2Train is a media production company that produces information products. I only want to pay for one online ecommerce processing system, so for example I purchase a domain with the product name, such as the product is the Form 1010 Narrative which is a division of Design2Train.

            You may want to get a trademark or a domain name to advertise your product. Good luck! This si a great time to producing new products that help people solve problems.
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                Biskookylady Wayfarer
                Thank you for replying to my question. I have my domain name under the product name; and I do use it for my email and for my facebook and twitter pages. That is why it had become confusing for customers both direct and wholesale. I always list the company name; Nanny's Cookies LLC, on all paper work and labeling for legal reasons but wasn't sure if there was any additional legalization of the Product Name: Mostly Myrtle's that was necessary. It's even confusing for me as I am writing. So I guess I'm doing the right thing so far.

                And Yes, it is a very exciting time to be growing a small business. I feel that if I develop my business now, I will be in position for the economic rise. Let's all hope.
                Thanks Again
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                You don't need a DBA as much as you need a trade mark or copyright depending on your situation. Please consult with a business lawyer. This is a matter that you need to get right to protect and grow your business.
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                  onpurpose Adventurer
                  Hi Biskookylady,

                  You really don't have a problem to fix. You are making a consumer good. Here having a brand name is what matters most. Your company name (Nanny's Cookies, LLC) being secondary really isn't that big of a deal. Since you are in the cookie business - I checked out your web site - tell me, who makes Oreos or Chips Ahoy. Who cares?

                  If you do have a branding problem, it is at the retail level between Mostly Myrtles and Biskooky. Strategically, you'll want to sort out which is most important to promote. It seems that Mostly Myrtles is the bakery and Biskooky is a product. There's a fair amount of confusion happening here.

                  By the way, if you need the name of a great and affordable trademark attourney I've used, please drop me an email (see my profile) and I'll pass along her name. It is a price worth paying.

                  In addition, I discovered a major branding problem in your web strategy that is best not posted in the forum. Please do drop me a line. No strings attached here. I'll help you out here.

                  Be On-Purpose!