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    Just started a men's clothing line...

    LethalDose50 Newbie
      Hello All,
      I just joined this forum 5 minutes ago. Seems like a great place to give/receive help. I am based in Los Angeles. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Any other fellow clothing businesses out there?? Retail/wholesale?? I'm still a rookie and am open to any advice or words of wisdom...

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          loulou Newbie
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              F.Catano1 Wayfarer


              Hello LethalDose1,

              Congratulations on your new business! I am also working on a similiar business model which is in the mens apparel industry.

              The best advice I have received was to make sure you have a specific target clientele in mind. Who is your line going to attract and why is someone going to wear your clothng rather then what is out there now.
              Your future clients must be able to identify with your line, this is crucial in the apparel business. Have a good marketing plan and work hard on the proper exposure.

              Regarding general business advice....I would highly suggest that you try to establish your business credit and use it to obtain initial credit lines. This will keep you away from overextending your personal credit. If done properly you can eventually obtain some true business credit cards without having to use your personal credit. There are companies that can further advise you on the benefits of having strong business credit.

              Hope this helps!