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    POS Certified System for Hardware and Retail Stores

    TransActPOS Wayfarer
      Complete POS system with POS, IC, AR, PO, SR, LYW, IOR

      • Gold Level with True Value
      • Level 1 with DIB
      • Certified with Orgill
      • Compatible with any Retail Store

      24-7 Technical Support
      Developers on Site
      True Integrated Wireless and Rental Modules
      Deep Data and Sales History
      Item Rankings
      Make Smarter More Accurate Orders
      Low Maintenance Fees
      PCI Compliant Software
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          POS Certified System, Welcome

          Who are you?? Where are you?? Go to Members page and share some info.

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              TransActPOS Wayfarer
              We are Profile Systems Design Groups makers of TransActPOS point of sale system. We are located out of Madisonville, KY. We are the developers and makers of the system, no outside company running it. We are targeted mostly in the Hardware industry and retail markets. We have one of the most robust systems out there and have met or exceeded all expectations from current users and converted users. A little background and statement listed below.

              Profile's mission is to provide customers with the best
              possible solution for general accounting and retail environments through clear
              and concise analysis, design, and implementation.

              Company Profile Established in 1984, Profile Systems Design Group, Inc. (Profile) has
              continued to narrow its focus to better serve customers and dealers within the
              United States. In 1987, due to an area need for a retail Point-of-Sale
              application, TransAct was developed to link to the SBT Series 6 product and
              provide a vertical application for the hardware and gift store environment.
              Since 1987, TransAct has been installed locally by Profile and distributed
              through a national dealership. Continued revisions have allowed TransAct to
              continually grow with the SBT Accounting Systems series of software.

              In the late 1990's, repeated requests for our product as a standalone module
              prompted a review of our design and possible development of a product that would
              allow it to perform as the customer desired. With a clear understanding of our
              target market TransActPOS was created in 2001. Backed by an increased
              educational base within xCase, Unified Modeling Language (UML) , Microsoft
              Visual FoxPro, TransActPOS has been created to provide the best possible
              point-of-sale within the target market.

              During our review process, we examined specific problem areas of the core
              design of the data structure and desired functionality from the customer base.
              Varying customer requirements within the specific markets of hardware and gift
              stores prompted us to design the TransActPOS product as a single code base but
              allowing the customers activation code to determine the desired functionality.
              With this in mind, the customer can select only those options that they need at
              the current time. As future needs change, additional features can be added by
              upgrading via a new activation code.

              TransActPOS continues to break new ground by providing customers with new
              features such as wireless applications, communication of orders with specified
              vendors and developing customer education programs.

              During the past 22 years, TransActPOS has provided software solutions for
              True Value stores and is considered a "Gold Standard Certified" application, the
              highest level available to third party vendors.

              Since 2001, TransActPOS has been providing solutions for Do it Best hardware
              stores and has recently been rewarded Level 1 status.

              Why do you not hear about TransActPOS within the mainstream? Our
              concentration is within each and every customer's installation. You will not
              see heavy advertising campaigns or blast emails. Prospective customers are
              interviewed and demonstration program installed to make sure the application
              meets the intended goal.

              In the end, you must convince yourself that TransActPOS is the right solution
              for your store. You will find a unique customer relationship at TransActPOS.
              Our company and customer base continues to grow and provide comprehensive
              solutions for your store.