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    Need Money

    lovechildren Newbie

      I have been in the child care business for two and a half years and we are expanding, but I need money!! My personal credit is bad and I dont have any business credit. My business has been consistent and shown a profit this year, but moving is mandatory and costly and everyone is asking for my perosnal credit, there is no other way to get money? I have been told that my field is practically recesssion proof, so where can I get money to finish my new center?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need Money, Welcome Evilene

          The child care business is great. How can I talk to you??

          Do you have a Federal I D Number, An Accountant. You need to develop both a business and marketing plan and yes I can help you.

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              lovechildren Newbie
              Hello Luckiest,

              Thank you for responding so rapidly. You may contact me at my center 281.955.8288. I am in Houston, TX, and you New Yorkers are an hour ahead of us. I am actually looking for a new accountant, working on a business plan and have not thought about a marketing plan. Please call. new information and assistance is always appreciated!