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    Is Network Marketing The Best Business Model?

    MlmRepMachine Newbie
      I believe tha Network Marketing is the best business model in the world. Listed below are my reasons why.

      1. Low start up costs.
      2. Systems already in place.
      3. You get to leverage other people's time, talent, resources and money.
      4. You get the benefit of using 1% of 100 people's effort rather than 100% of your own.
      5. You can create residual and passive income.
      6. There is no ceiling to the level of income that you can create.
      7. You can create an abandable business which means you can walk away from it and still earn money.
      8. It tests your leadership abilities. You either become a leader or you fail miserably.
      9. If you don't kill you don't eat as opposed to a typical JOB.
      10. The effort you put in is proportional to what you get back.
      11. You stand before the world naked. You can no longer hide behind the cubicle at your desk.
      12. You are forced to take a good look at yourself.
      13. The break even point is relatively short.
      14. It's not a get rich quick scheme like so many believe that it is. It is a viable distribution channel to get products or services to the market in the most efficient manner.
      15. You are forced to learn marketing if you ever plan on being successful.
      16. It forces you to network with other people to attain your goals.
      17. Small hindges swing big doors, meaning little efforts produce big results.
      18. You can become financially free in as little as 3 years.
      19. You can build the business part time and not work 80 hours per week like the typical entrepreneur.
      20. You can earn more part-time than you can working a full-time job if you know how to build the business right.
      21. Things are not handed to you on a silver platter. The only way you get paid is to create results.


      I challenge you to find a better business model.

      What are your opinions about Network Marketing? I'd love to hear from you.