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    Lotus/IBM Smartsuite?

    A045240 Newbie
      We just started using Smartsuite, instead of MS office, since it's free. It is software from IBM that has a word processor and spreadsheet in it.

      It seems to be compatible with the Microsoft files (so far). Is anyone else using it, and have you had any issues?
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          A045240 Newbie
          Sorry, meant to say Symphony, not Smartsuite.
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              bigbearomaha Wayfarer
              the IBM Lotus version of has improved a lot since they started the projct. It has gradually improved over time, with each update.

              I use it as well as other versions of and it operates pretty compatible to OOo now.

              IBM, like Novell, added their own tricks to it to make it more 'unique' overall, I like it.

              Big Bear
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                momoh89 Newbie

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