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    Hello from BEL Project

    bigbearomaha Wayfarer
      Our project is a non profit effort at bringing Linux nd OpenSource adoption to small businesses, schools and other non profit groups.

      it is a group of volunteers who work to make customized version of the Linux Operating System and other Open Source software tailor made to fit these particular groups needs.

      We have some of our team members whowil lcustomize software tools for small businesses for a small fee, as profit isn't the predominant focus of our project, but rather inreasing adoption of the tools. Funds generated thusly go to help pay for the Porjects needs and resources.

      Essentially, for us to succeed, is for small busineses, schools and non profits to succeed.

      I am the coordinator of the BEL project and if you ar someone involved in one of these areas, small business, schools or non profits, we might be able to help you save money and extend life on your existing computers, overal effectively reducing your TCO in these areas.

      and no, this is not a 'spam' message, we are a legitimate group that wants to engage the members here in how we can better asisst small business people in their use of server and desktop Linux and Open Source based solutions.

      You are more than welcome to visit our home page at