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    Anyone Please Help

    bfdubo35 Newbie
      I am trying to do a little advertising for my website Really interesting for kids and collectables. However is there anyway out of paying those ridiculous prices for online marketing. My Website is Handmade Realistic Doll Funiture. Has anyone been really successful. Help Me!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Anyone Please Help, Welcome Belinda

          Advertising - *Get your local newspaper in Montgomery to write a story about you and
          your Girlie Connection. Maybe run a contest or support
          a local charity where you can give the proceeds to that charity. That
          is almost FREE publicity.*
          Great idea of FREE shipping to anybody who donates $2.00. Should be part of the story.

          Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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            each1help1 Newbie
            Belinda - I am founder of the Each One Help One network that can be viewed at I have taken a look at your website and have a few suggestions. I also have a listing of over 50 free ad outlets that you can place ads for free. I would seek out doll collection forum groups and participate, adding your website tag to your profile. Offer tips about how to choose mini furniture, how much it should cost, etc. If you want to talk more about possible ideas, just drop me an email at
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              AdSpark Wayfarer

              Cute furniture! What a fun business.

              There are tons of free and low cost ways to market your business. But as a 20-year marketing professional I am an advocate of writing out a plan before embarking on various tactics.

              You need to get a clear and deep understanding of who your target audiences are, what key selling messages will really resonate with them and then start choosing tactics to test out. That way you are best set up not to waste your money or time.

              To start off with, I can see you're not using on site search engine optimization to your benefit. Have you identified other businesses that reach your same target audience but are not in competition with you? How can you barter to market each other's businesses? What about joining online groups that reach your target audiences and promote your services?

              For more information, check out my latest blog posting: Create a Marketing Machine to Drive Sales at

              You can also check out my web site at I provide quality advice to very small businesses on how to effectively market themselves using free and low cost methods.

              Best of luck to you and your business!

              Glynns Thomas
              Advertising Spark
              Inspiring Ideas for Small Budgets
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