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    Single Mommy

    bfdubo35 Newbie

      Do anyone know of a way to advertise online w/o it being so expensive with a home based business for a single mom trying to earn extra income. visit my website
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          vnavguys Tracker
          Been there done that! I have a few ideas, If it were me, this is what I would do.

          1. Run a couple of Ebay auctions with the very idea of promoting questions and/or pointing people to your website. If someone asks you a question respond with yourl ink to the site. If you word the ad right you can get people to go to your site directly. I do this all the time and its smart to use the gabillion dollars Ebay spends on marketing to your advantage. It will also help you sell some of your items!

          2. Put up some Craigslist ads, they are free and you can link right to the site, they last 45 days.

          3. Twitter it! This is growing like mad and you can get some traffic to your site.

          4. Start a free wordpress blog about your subject matter. Write about the topic, don't promo the product. People that are into mini collectables will come in groves if you update and post regularly. (i do this) Put a permalink to your site on the blog, that will keep it low key. Show people how to find these items or how to make them their selves or where to buy them.

          This should get you started, I will keep up with this post to see how your doing
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            MlmRepMachine Newbie
            Hello Single Mommy,

            Before you start driving traffic to your website you want to make sure
            that it is set up properly. You will need to make sure that it converts to a sale
            once people get there. You also want to make sure that you capture a name
            and email address of the people that are visiting your website.

            I would suggest you study some basic information on how to market online.

            There are billions of websites on the Internet right now and just putting up a website
            is not going to do it.

            There are some books that you can buy on Amazon that will give you a good start.

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