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    Hiring Virtual Assistant Options?

    alwinaw Newbie
      I need somebody to man the customer service phone for those hours I'm asleep for my web business -

      Anybody got any experienced whether it's safe to outsource this customer service role to people in Asia/other countries (with different timing)? Any good advice can you share?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Hiring Virtual Assistant Options

          Who are you?? Where are you?? What hours do you sleep??

          What time zone??
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            vnavguys Tracker
            Here is the site that I use for all my virtual assistant type of needs. I love it immensely. Before you go charging off, let me give you some advice that I received first. Hire fast, fire faster. This site can give you lots of applicants very very quickly. When you sign up (free) and make your job post, be very specific, tell them what you want and what you dont want. When people blindly apply just delete their inquiry. I put that in my job post, I say "You must hand write your cover letter, if you send me a regurgitated letter I will chuck it"


            I have also heard good things about solid cactus's live answering service. I have not used it, but I do use some of their other services, they are top notch but a tad pricey. You get what you pay for!

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              Drachsi Scout
              There are other types of virtual assistant. Many companies do not have the time, knowledge, or staff to do some of the necessary Internet jobs. Examples, maintaining Blogs, updating 8 types of web sitemaps every week, creating virtual flyers, updating rss newsfeeds, creating Flash slideshows, using YouTube to create customer support information, etc.

              Many of these jobs are too small for the larger support companies, but are ideal for virtual support. After 40 years in marketing and using the Internet since 1996, this is what I do.

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                TyneshaM Newbie

                If you are still in need of assistance, please contact me. I would love to assist you in bringing your company to the next level.