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    The 10 Characteristics That Every Home Based Business Needs!

    MlmRepMachine Newbie
      These are "must have's" if you plan on being successful in your home based business.

      1. Courage - you will need to possess courage to ward off all the naysayers.
      2. Imagination - you will need imagination because you will literally and figurately have to stand in your ideal customers shoes.
      3. Belief - you will need belief in yourself, your product or your service.
      4. Pleasing personality - you will indeed need to be pleasing because buyers are buying YOU.
      5. Faith - you will need faith which is nothing more than an intense belief that you can do it.
      6. Tolerance - you will need tolerance so you can be open to new ideas which in turn facilitate your growth.
      7. Persistence - you will need persistence so that you remove the word impossible from your vocabulary.
      8. Target - you will need a precise target so that you will know when you hit your goals.
      9. Enthusiasm - you will need enthusiasm to fill yourself with the abundant Spirit from within.
      10. Mastermind - you will need to mastermind so you collaborate with other like minded people so that you can become apart of a cause bigger than yourself.