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    Website for Business Loans

    busy_guy Newbie
      I saw a story on the news one time about people who lend their personal money to those needing small business loans without ever meeting face-to-face. It seemed legit. Has anyone ever heard of this site? Can you send me the link?
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          phanio Pioneer
          I think you are referring to peer-to-peer lending or social lending - this is where members lend and borrow from each other. There are several of these sites including or Lending Club. Further, many fo these sites (companies) have now requested and received approval to make loans themselves. This is a relatively new industry (been around about 8 to 10 years - even less in the US).

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Website for Business Loans

            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            Person-to-person lending (also known as peer-to-peer lending and *social lending*) is, in its broadest sense, the name given to a certain breed of financial transaction (primarily lending & borrowing, which
            occurs directly between individuals ("peers") without the
            intermediation/participation of a traditional financial institution.
            An enabling technology for person-to-person lending has been the
            Internet, where person-to-person lending appears in two primary
            variations: an "online marketplace" model and a "family and friend"