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    Sourcing Retailing Manufacturers

    keroppi_gims Newbie
      What manufacturers/supppliers do major Australian and international fashion labels such as Giordano use to supply their products? I keep seeing that products are 'made in china', but does anyone know which manufacturer/s in China do these labels use?

      On a related topic, I am looking to create a clothing product with my own logo. I am keen to know what manufacturers have you used before that you can recommend? And how would I go about contacting them?
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          keroppi_gims Newbie
          More specifically, I am looking for bag manufacturers that supply bags for less than $15 per bag in a material similar to leather. The manufacturer will source all the materials.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Sourcing Retailing Manufacturers

            Who are you?? Where are you?? How long have you been in business??

            Go to Members page and share some info. thanks
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              phanio Pioneer
              I would start by researching trade groups and associations - many of their mumbers are the companies that you are seeking. You can also call other retailers to see where they source or contact trade reps who represent the manfuacturer or designer. Lastly, find and attend trade show. This is where the people you need to talk with will be.

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                keroppi_gims Newbie
                I am a new starter looking to start an online clothing retailer, perhaps expanding to normal retail if all goes well. After conducting some research, I am looking to start in the next two months or so by testing of the product. I am located in Australia and would like to source clothing products from a low cost country such as China and achieve 8x or higher markup.

                phanio, could you give me an example of a large retailer who is a member of a trade group?
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                  SME_ally Adventurer
                  hi keroppi_gims,
                  to answer your question about where fashion labels use to supply their products. Companies like the Gap, Esprit, etc sources their products from a company call Li&Fung. I believe they are the biggest outsourcer in the world. What they'll do is, for example, source buttons from Bangladesh, textile from Vietnam and have them manufactured in China. They mainly service large companies but they also have an online service for smaller businesses.

                  As for bags, I know tons of manufacturers in China that can do this for you. Depending on your design and requirements as well as your order size, you can have bags manufactured for as little as $10-20/bag. The downside is you'll need to know the language. If you need further help, you can contact me privately at todsu168 at-mark Good luck with your endeavor!
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                      I own a sourcing consultamcy that has been helping atart-up and small businesses locate reliable factories in China for over two years. I have experience in all aspects of the manufacturing process, from finding the right size factory to price negociation to import procedures. In addition, I have experience with arranging confidentiality agreements to ensure brand protection. If any of this sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to contact me at the web address below. I would be happy to chat with you.

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                        sourcin9 Newbie
                        Hi there, you may want to talk to a sourcing agency locally in where the suppliers are. They are able to help you locate suppliers, negotiate contracts and facilitate ongoing purchasing.

                        We are one of these agencies and would like to offer our assistance. We have helped similar start up designers/brands to manufacture products for acceptable price and inspected quality. Feel free to contact as at marketingat or visit our website for more information: