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    Get FREE, Uniques & Responsive Leads! There's an Overflow!

    Felisia62 Newbie
      As I have been telling everyone. Orange Leads is the place to go if you want to pick up free leads that are unique and responsive. These leads are people that have completed an online form requesting information about online and work from home businesess opportunities.

      But listen, the owner
      of Orange Leads Timothy L. Drobnick Sr,. has just uploaded
      64,893 leads WITH telephone numbers! They are all dated between
      5/19/2009 up to 6/14/2009.

      He however is experiencing some difficulty
      as he has more business opportunity leads coming in than he is able to
      give away! So he and Orange Leads affiliates have been advertising like crazy for business owners, program and online entrepreneurs to stop in and pick up these FREE leads to help build thier respective
      business opportunities.

      If you have no use for these leads, but may know someone who does, just pass the word on to them so that they can take advantage of all these free leads.

      Thanks you!

      Ms. Stansbury