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    A New Service To Assist Advertisers and Ad Agencies

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      Now, any advertiser or advertising agency with clients looking to expose their brand within the college market, which consists of over 18 million students aged 18-27 and annual spending power of over 200 billion dollars, can take advantage of this easy and Free tool which will make their jobs a lot easier. Now with our website you can easily keep track of what college administrators, marketing directors, or simply anyone involved with the organizing or planning of any on-campus event or function is planning and thereby take full advantage of the literally thousands of opportunties to build your clients brand awareness within this coveted market. As our name applies, in exhange for giving away FREE items with ads placed on any type of give aways (GEAR) that college event organizers could use to enhance their events, you can gain massive exposure for your client locally or nationwide. And it's all FREE, simply go to our website and keep tabs on what is gong on in the college market and how you can best use it to your clients advantage. If you have any questions, then e-mail us at