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    Are you using Mobile Marketing?

    Andre_TxtMktr Newbie
      Many companies are moving to Mobile Marketing and the big question is...Are You?

      Mobile Marketing is marketing directly to mobile devices or more simply cell phones.

      Google and Yahoo are scrambling for position in this market as email marketing is dying and advertisement is becoming more competitive.

      With the proper system you can have people opt in to your text message system. They get a message, coupon, or freebie. You the business owner get their cell phone number and the ability to send advertismets straight to the customers cell phone.

      Can you see the power of Permission Based Text Advertisement?

      We are talking about:

      Real Time Marketing! = Real Time Results!

      Ads "pushed" directly to people's cell phones.

      Denny's is using this system for their coupons just text Dennys to 53203 to see it in action. It's the way of the future: Coupons and Advertisement to your cell phone.

      For more information about this program and system just

      text Andre to 53203

      and you'll get all of the details!

      Or you can go to

      Let me know your thoughts about mobile marketing!!!!