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    Finding a Fragrance Supplier

    doc1355 Newbie
      I have very hard time finding supplier for perfumes and other Bath and Body products. I tried to contact major corporates to open a resell account, but they either "Don't accept more resellers at this time in my area" or they are have a policy that they don't have resellers at all and they sell their own products (like Limited Brands - The parent company for Victoria's Secrets and Bath & Body Works). I am really curios how and where can I find a good supplier for these type of products. Is there any kind of Outlet products. There is a store close to us in an outlet mall that sells products from some brands and they have excellent price.
      Does anyone has any idea on how and where to find major supplier for this type of products. I know that most of these companies are in NY, and I'm not.
      Any suggestion or comment is really appreciated.
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          Score133 Adventurer
          In order to find any type of supplier, I always tell my clients to go online to the Thomas Register. This is a catalogue of manufacturers and you can easily find perfumers. Then it's just a matter of contacting each one to set up an account. You will probably have to be an established business before they will send you any product, but if you are in the process of becoming a business, most vendors will at least talk to you and let you know what their requirements are in order to do business with them. Good luck!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            There are outlet store all over the United States, not just New York.
            Maybe we could help you MORE if you tell us what state you are in.
            Have you googled "Finding supplier for perfumes". There are many to choose from with up 70 or 80 %
            off retail prices. What type of QUANTITIES are you looking to buy??
            Another suggestion is to google "outlet malls" or outlet malls in --------( your area).
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              spiderardo Newbie
              First of all, whera are you located?. Maybe I can help you. we sell distribute cloth, shoes, perfumes, etc. and we even have lotions, from retailers that you won't find it wholesale.
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                silvercell18 Wayfarer
                I know this question is old, but I hope the answer helps others down the line.

                Try that should give you some name brand options with wholesale prices.
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                  scentlady Wayfarer

                  Are you making your own products or looking to purchase wholesale for resale? I have great scents and items for sale if you are looking at the latter, and might have some suggestions for suppliers. Send me an email address.