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    Starting a Bakery?

    Biklar Newbie
      If you are too, I'd love to hear from you.

      Are there any other bakers here that run their own bakery or are in the process of opening up their own bakery?

      I am currently in that process. Filed for my FBN/DBA not long ago so that should be done ciruclating soon. I am still developing my busines plan and gathering all of the necessary documentation and certification needed to forge head.

      I am looking on advice for business insurance, business licensing and how to prepare for a brick and mortar shop. I'd like to start off doing some catering to get my company's name and baked goods out there by using commercial kitchens for baking space, but my eventual goal is to have my own shop.

      I am based in Los Angeles and although I have started documentation here. I am thinking strongly about looking into the Bay area (San Franciso, Berkeley and so forth) because some research has indicated that the economy might be better in northern California and the market isn't as cornered in terms of very successful and well-known bakeries.

      Does here I would be competing with some cornerstone shops such as Sprinkles cupcakes. They specialize in cupcakes and although I won't be primarily a "cupcakery" I still consider the place edgy competition if I am to have a place in LA and make a name for my own business.

      Any advice, stories and tips?

      I've love to get some dialog going and perhaps network with others who are more experenced or at the same stage.