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    Forget The "Secrets" - Start Making A Profit

    AngelRSuarez Newbie
      Dear Friends,

      Well, I am going to come ou with it. There are *no *secrets left. At least with marketing.
      And why do I say this?

      Because the information is available. It's not concealed.
      Want to learn copywriting?
      There. Master it.

      Marketing in general? Hit up ebay and look up the latest "Dummies Guide To..."

      But here is the issue: everyone makes them "secretive." They try to conceal these nuggets of information. And there is a reason they will use to justify it. It's really quite simple, too. It's a thing called fear.

      Now, I'll be straightforward: there are 6 basic components to marketing. We'll get to listing them in a moment.

      Here is what I am NOT saying:

      • All marketing systems are the same (I have seen absolutely horrible systems)
      • All marketers are con artists (about 75% don't know what they are really trying to say or how to say it)
      • Marketing is easy to learn (anything so broad requires real devotion to understanding)
      • Anyone can instantly succeed at marketing (kinda ties in with the last one)
      • We understand every aspect of the human psychology / behavioralism
      • Everyone practices the same, knows the same, applies the same (the most important)
      OK, let me explain these in some depth.

      1. Marketing systems vary. Personally, I've found some of the best ones to be made by Dan Kennedy or Joe Polish. They give you real information, with real substance. They do not take you in circles with "theory" and "creativity." Any marketer who tries to sell you on "creavitiy" is an ad agency rep. hot off the manufacturing line.

      2. This is only half-B.S. See, you have your "marketing guy" and you have your "marketing specialist." The "guy" is someone who runs around and occassionally mentions you try sticking an ad somewhere. This conveniently happens when his paycheck is coming due.
      The specialist is riding your ass almost 24/7 to get it done. He makes you take notes. Tell you to think. And all around, he beats you into involvement. Why? The specialist understands YOU must be involved, YOU know more about this business than he or she does. And therefore, they can use you - and you them - to acquire information and effectively implement it.

      3. Marketing is easy to understand. To learn it as a science - not so. We all get the general idea.
      "Um, I let people know I am here?"
      As good an answer as any. However, understanding is not knowing. And you have to know what marketing is all about or it's useles. Look at the Yellow Pages ads, the direct mail pieces you receive - all of that junk. They all betray the ONE fundamental truth of what marketing is about. So again, they understand, but never learned what it means to use.

      4. Don't expect to get 100% response from your first promotional. And unless you have understood AND learned... don't even expect a 1%. Sometimes you may just drive traffic away from you. The first glance a person gets at your company will define their view of your for a long, Long, LONG time.

      5. We don't. Simple. There are still discoveries being made in marketing. We are all still learning what little "stimuli" can be used to convert more customers. How people will react in particular situaitons... we're still calculating. Why they react a certain way to certain things has yet to be determined. And so things are still "in the works." But we sure as Hel do know a lot!

      6. Alright, here is the juicy one. Just because we all have the information available. And just because we all "know" of certain individuals. We all are not schooled in them. Or even practice them. Think of the HUGE dissonance between a standard Ad Agency and one of the successful marketers-copywriters of the world. The ad agency has all the same knowledge available. But they just do NOT use it. Instead of sticking to the proven principles, it is about the "creativity."

      All marketers are not created equal.

      Onward. Now, as you have anticipated, are the Six Components To Marketing

      1. Find people.
      2. Listen to people carefully.
      3. Find out what people want.
      4. Make sure you have something they want.
      5. Be their friend and let them know you have a unique way to help them.
      6. Become a friend to many people and let them ALL know.

      Wow. Sounds hilariously basic, right? Because it is. But try using it.
      Spend 1 hour, today, reading your customer's publications. Listening to them on the streets. Study your competition. Figure out what makes them all the same. Determine what makes you unique. Find a friendly and non-selling way of telling people you have what they need. And let them know it is different, and how it is different.

      But hey, if you'd like more, just hit up my two public resources:

      You'll find troves of information. And yes, it's REAL.

      You can e-mail me (or just sign up on the website) and I'll even send my free report: "How To Profit From The Experience Of Others: 6 EASY Step To Turn Someone Else's Loss In YOUR Gain"

      To your many successes,

      Angel R. Suarez