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    I found this Web 2.0 service to be helpful for my search engine page rankings so I'm passing it along

    jp1234 Wayfarer
      I hired this guy and it has helped my page rankings quite a bit, so I thought I would pass it along. I also thought the cost was very reasonable considering how many hours I spent trying to get some decent page ranking and generate traffic while not succeeding very well. In about three weeks time he moved me from a "1" to a "2" out of "10" page rank on one site and Google actually found my site on another that they didn't even recognize before.

      I have noticed more opt in's from more traffic, a few more sales and as a non techie, I don't have to spend hours and hours on blogs, social sites and suffer through a learning curve that is just flat painful to me. I think if I keep with it, my traffic will continue to increase and I'm shooting for a "4" out of "10". He basically did more for my rankings in a month than I have been able to accomplish in about a year. He also used the testimonial I gave him on his web site: .