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    Have you considered buying a mobile home park?

    Landlord1 Newbie

      Mobile home parks (MHPs) do provide the positive cash flow that you may have read about while doing your research. Prior to buying my 14-unit park, I had not even considered parks as a viable investment vehicle--to be blunt, I was ignorant. MHPs are a much looked over investment until recently because the costs are not as high as owning apartment buildings, and now with the economy's tanking, MHPs offer a less expensive alternative to the rent of stick or brick built homes. In my area (Tifton, GA), I had three families come by this past weekend telling me that every house they had looked at to rent was in the $750 and up range. I keep my rent in the $450-500 range, which keeps my park full, and so I get to hand pick my tenants. As a result, I've created the boring trailer park, not the drama-filled stereotype of neighbors like Earl Hickey from the TV show "My Name Is Earl," that provides a nice livelihood for me and my family. Incidently, I will be "retiring" from my full-time job as of June 30.

      With all of this being said, check out my website (it's a work in progress) at

      Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.