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    How to Find a Good Designer?

    CommercialArt Newbie
      I am part owner of a small theater group and we are looking for a freelance graphic designer or a small firm to do work advertising and marketing work for us. I am looking for someone with experience, is professional, local, and very creative. I would like to avoid going to sites where there are a million designers all bidding for the same project or craigslist where you get people trying to solicit you for stuff you don't want. Any suggestions for where to start besides asking other people in the business for a referral?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Find a Good Designer, Welcome

          Where are you located?? I would contact " Iwrite " (a member)

          Iwrite, (Derek) is a freelance copywriter. If he can't help, he might know people.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            getgraphic Newbie
            Dear CommercialArt,
            I would say that your post on this forum was a great start. I am a freelance graphic designer who has interest in the work you described.

            In briefing, I have ten plus years of experience in the design field, both freelance and corporate. More of the years have been spent working in small to large companies.
            Working with different individuals from clients to team members to higher-ups has strengthened my ability to work as a professional.

            If interested, I can send you my cradentials. Unfortunately, my website is a wrok in progress so email would be the way to go right now.

            I hope to hear from you soon.


            "with great ideas come great designs"
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                getgraphic Newbie
                As reassurance of my work, spell check is mandatory as well as an overview for content errors.

                I've noticed that my previous post shows grammatical mistakes and is a misconception of my labor. I hope that the impression that I had first given does not deter your interest in my work.

                Two words for every project I do, approval forms :)


                "with great ideas come great designs"
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                Raphael.Jerry Wayfarer
                Hello Sir,


                My Name is Jerry from
                with branches both in Israel and Kenya.

                We as a company offer clients quality Graphic and web design service. We have a whole department
                of over 58 experienced web designers, thus have the capacity to deliver your
                website within a very short duration.

                Please get in touch with the undersigned for a better
                understanding of your business needs.

                I am looking forward to get a response from you.







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                  JITSolutions Newbie
                  Finding a good designer is certainly a challenge. I own and operate a small marketing consulting business and have several gtraphic designers that work for me. It has been my experience that as long as the customer and the graphic designer have a good line of communication you don't necessarily have to find someone local. Of course it may also depend on the type of services that are required. With that said, my firm is located in the Charlotte, NC area. I would be happy to discuss your needs. You can contact me through my website; just fill out the contact form and I will respond.
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                    CommercialArt Newbie
                    Thank you for your responses, but I am looking for advice from those who have already looked for a designer and could offer tips for where they went to find one. I am not interested in designers contacting me through this forum. I would prefer a local person because I want to meet with the person and discuss ideas. Also, once a designer has a few concepts to show me, I prefer being able to meet and have them present their ideas to me. I do not want PDFs e-mailed to me at the start of a large advertising or marketing project. I am located in Philadelphia.

                    BTW, not to be mean, getgraphic, but when you offer your services to someone you want to be a future client of yours, you should spell check your writing. There are two misspellings in your post.
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                        getgraphic Newbie
                        I cannot offer advice as someone who sought a designer, but I can offer advice as a designer who has been sought.

                        Unfortunately in the fast pace, high-tech world today, forums, job
                        boards, and randomly searching the web for impressive websites of a
                        designer's work are the ways to go. Word of mouth is also a way but you
                        already know this as you had mentioned it in your first post.

                        In order to avoid this, as you wish to do, and to get the in person
                        interview that you are hunting for, I can only suggest the following.

                        • Offer open casting calls for freelance graphic designers only in your
                        area just as you would with your theatrical performers. Require that
                        they bring samples of their work (portfolio), letters of recommendation
                        (testimonies) and 3-5 conceptual ideas for your company. You would of
                        course have to provide them with your company information as well as
                        your vision before your meeting.
                        • Look into the designers of playbooks and fliers you have found
                        impressive in other theatre companies or any other business brochure.
                        • Contact a design staffing and recruiting agency. This of course will
                        cost money but with details given to the agency, you will find exactly
                        what you need.

                        No offense taken to your comment but rather taken as a quality critique.

                        Good luck in finding what you need.



                        "with great ideas come great designs"
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                        floc5_inc Newbie
                        I am a graphic designer specializing in brand, advertising, marketing, publication and environmental design. I have just won several projects with a local theatre group, the Folly. I saw your post and would love to find out more about your creative needs.

                        Floc5_inc. /
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                          NeilStewartuk Newbie
                          Hi there,


                          UK based web design / graphic design company offering cheap design work.

                          Please take the time to check my online portfolio.

                          All the best ,

                          Neil Stewart
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                            CommercialArt Newbie
                            getgraphic thank you for your help. However I would never ask designers to bring ideas for my theater to an audition. I feel like that would be a bad idea. I am interested in hiring someone based off of their work and then paying them to come up with designs for me. Doing it the other way around would probably just produce a lot of subpar work as who wants to spend hours on a project without promise of payment? Anyway, your other suggestions were helpful. I am looking for other ways to find a designer than word of mouth because I do not want the go-to-guy that everyone in the business uses. Then everyone's work will look the same.

                            What's with the people who are ignoring my post and just offering their services to me? Please stop with the solicitations! I don't want a cheap designer from the UK, Africa or anywhere else that is not in N. America :)
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                              austinstrick Wayfarer
                              You can look for designers at eLance or O-Desk. You will also be able to look for the freelancers at
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                                CommercialArt Newbie
                                Do those sites really work? Is good design actually produced and can you find local designers this way?
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                                  moreskydesign Newbie
                                  Creativity is my skill, please contact me: