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    let Give your business low cost labor during this recession

    Raphael.Jerry Wayfarer
      is a world class fast-growing up-coming contact center in both Israel and
      Nairobi, Kenya that provides a range of outsourced Services and information
      management solutions for clients worldwide. Our outsourcing services include:

      Transcription Services,Translation, web design, Graphic design.

      Document and Data conversion, data processing, Record cleansing, Data Quality Analysis
      /Verification and data entry services.

      Order Processing, file and data conversion, E- invoicing and Transcription.

      Branding & Corporate Identity, Design, Packaging.

      Subtitling and captioning services.

      Inbound out bound customer care services.
      provide our clients with an outlook that provides a competitive edge in a
      crowded market by designing and developing creative Outsourcing production processes,
      inspired by experienced dynamic and open minded individuals. Our main focus is
      to provide our clients with cost effective work force, that improve the
      efficiency of their business process and enables our clients maintain a
      competitive performance in the respective industries. Nurture-World
      has a work force of 425 employees operating on a 24x7 all year round
      uninterrupted coverage, with the capacity of expanding up to 600 operators.
      ready to offer You an exciting online service. You assigns us project,
      schedule or assignments online that we Process through our team of committed
      operators, editors and Quality assurance, department and send them back
      within a quick Turnaround time/ set deadlines.
      offer a very competitive and reasonable price tag designed to reduce your
      production costs by up to 25%.Nurture World is located a low labor cost
      location, ready to extend the same benefits to our clients. while delivering
      very high accuracy and quality service to the client, including a reliable opportunity
      for the client to concentrate on her core business & marketing strategies
      while we do all the customer care work for you. We are committed to improving
      our client's current image to that benchmarked with international standards.

      of working with us include: - two-five Project managers per campaign, for both
      Quality control and time sensitive production. We have invested heavily on
      High speed reliable internet, Nurture-World is strategically located in
      Nairobi Kenya that offers our clients low labor costs.

      Outsource all your business needs to
      for more information contact Jerry at or +254714959791
      skype: raphael.jerry