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    Increase Your CTR: How to Write Enticing Page Titles and Met

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      Instead of writing page titles and meta descriptions to increase rankings, concentrate on creating titles and descriptions that will increase your CTR (click-through rate).

      If you throw out fluff with titles and descriptions, you are wasting your time (and losing potential profit). Garbage in equals garbage out. The page title automatically hits readers in the face when they search on engines, so the title needs to entice people as soon as they read it. The wording you create for both page titles and mega descriptions should complement the content found on your site.

      The meta description briefly summarizes the content on your website. Meta descriptions have been overlooked by web designers in the past. However, designers are finally seeing the benefits of meta descriptions - your sites could lose click-through traffic without it.

      It's important to include optimized keywords if you want search engines to find your site. Put your keywords in the beginning but don't stuff keywords in the body of meta descriptions - you'll be automatically booted out of search engines if you include too many keywords.

      Use a "call to action" by urging them to take that next step. Offer them a benefit in return for clicking and learning more information. You want to encourage NOT discourage readers. If you have a boring page title or meta description, they will click elsewhere. You need to set your products and services apart from your competitor - what do you DO or OFFER that is better, faster and less expensive than your competition?

      You also need to be aware of verbiage that could limit your descriptions and listings: references to regions or certain areas could limit searches (for example, Los Angeles lawyer). Jargon and technical language is also a no- no: think about your international users. Use the following A.I.D.A technique when writing page titles and mega descriptions:

      "A.I.D.A" Technique

      ATTENTION - Grab their attention immediately!
      INTEREST - Generate their interest!
      DESIRE - Build up their desire (for products or services)!
      ACTION - Lead them to take action NOW!

      Page Title Examples:
      Bad: International Marketing Company
      Good: International Marketing Company - Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation!

      Meta Description Examples:
      Bad: Rudy's TV offers DVRs and flat screen TVs.
      Good: Rudy's TV guarantees low pricing on Toshiba DVRs and Sony flat screen TVs.

      SEO copywriting tricks that will increase your CTR:

      Limit titles to 66 characters and meta descriptions to 150 characters (around 25 words).
      Do not duplicate - Write a unique page title and meta description for each web page.
      Less is more - keep language clear and concise and don't be too wordy!
      Use good grammar and spelling - would you click on a page title that reads "Intnatl Mkrting Cmpany?"
      Describe your content/site honestly. Don't make false, grandiose claims that you can't deliver.
      Your meta-description and page title should read like a textual advertisement. Use quality descriptors and remember to include a call to action!

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