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    What is a Virtual Assistant

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      • What is a Virtual Assistant* ?* \\ A self-employed professional who provides virtual business and personal administrative services to professionals and businesses worldwide, to meet the needs of any person who could use Administrative Support. Most Virtual Assistants have many years of experience as a high-level Administrative Assistant, and have received a Virtual Assistant Certification.
      • Who would work with a Virtual Assistan* t?* \\ A variety of successful people such as: authors, sales people, consultants, executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Very busy individuals who need more free time to pursue business expansion and personal interests will benefit from our services.
      • Why would I need Virtual Assistant administrative services* ?* \\ Several good reasons include: \\ You have a larger workload than your staff can handle - You need to focus on promoting business or meeting clients - Your business needs access to administrative services anywhere due to heavy travel schedule - Your business has a sudden loss of an employee - Your business needs a specialized service that cannot be accomplished with your in-office staff \\ Another way to determine your need is to: \\ Make a list of administrative tasks that you currently perform - Note the amount of time spent on these tasks - Make a plan to optimize this time and how it can be better utilized elsewhere, such as meeting customers and expanding your business.
      • How do we do business together from different locations? \\ Thanks to today's technology, there are numerous ways for us to brainstorm, communicate, and share documents, regardless of our geographical locations. Telephones, faxes, e-mail, and mail allow us to stay in touch, and not be limited to "normal" business hours. \\ Work assignments can be delivered via FTP, e-mail, telephone, standard mail or overnight delivery services. Services can begin simply by contacting with a phone call or email.
      • How do you track your time? \\ A timer with task lists is created for each project to ensure that you will be invoiced only for the work performed.
      • What happens if I decide to cancel a project after you have already started work? \\ If the project is cancelled for any reason, you are responsible for all expenses incurred on your behalf, including actual time invested based on the rate specified.** Contact Us \\ \\ \\ Vice President of Sales and Marketing: Regina Luke \\ Phone: 870-265-9934 \\ Email:** Chief Executive Officer: Steven C Stamey \\ Phone:706-754-2610 \\ Email:*

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